Mann Mayal Hum TV Drama Episode 13 Review

| April 26, 2016

 1. mann mayal drama episode 13 review

Here the story jumps in episode 13 of Mann Mayal in which time leaps and Manu gets pregnant, yet after watching episode 12 no one can expect the Mikael (Manu’s husband) to come back to home with the strong decision staying at her friend’s home but it was his cunning nature that resists him to take a plunge as his friend suggested him that he can attain all the wealth from his father only in one way if Manu gives birth to your child just because Manu is attached to his father as a daughter. Well the misery of Manu’s character starts from the day when she gets married to the ill-natured Mikael and still she is bearing the pain for having such a stubborn and selfish husband. The characters of Manu’s family were dominant in the episode as she is completing her pregnancy period in her parents’ home.

2. Mann mayal drama episode 13 review

Episode 13 is called the quick episode of drama and the twist has given finally with the character of Jeena (Ayesha Khan). Owning for the ifti’s father favor of having documents handed over through the servant, the Salahuddin is now a millionaire turned from a middle class guy that is why the activities has changed with the busiments of his job in Karachi and he is forcing his family too, to come in Karachi and settle here.

The both characters have an eye connection when the Sallu’s family were invited to Manu’s parents home and there an eye connection of both the characters that is natural but ridiculous from his part, he can understand that Manu is now a married lady even pregnant but the anxiety to have a glance of Manahil is worth seeing. I mean he is responsible for what Manu is bearing all the stuff and what an obstinate person Sallu is, in fact I would like to call him selfish for not getting idea of the crazy love of Manu at that time, Then why he is showing his interest.

Well with the arrival of her baby Tipu, the character of Manu has changed from a dutiful wife to a mother and more than the ‘Bahu’ of elite class family. Salahuddin sister Bia has come to give presents to her baby boy in which the gold chain sent from Sallu has made his personality dubious for not only viewers but also for Manu and the insane attitude of Bia who is excitedly taking pictures of Manu, it’s ok she is her friend but most of the time she is doing all mess for her brother. When Manahil comes to know about the trauma of gold chain she turns back all the gifts along with that chain and that was her appreciated attitude, I mean she is now a wife and surely her actions would be recommendable for her house not for her teacher who is now becoming more than a lover.

With the same days and nights the script gets a move with passing 3 years quickly and Manu conceive for her second baby. I feel this is a just way to pass this period time because there was nothing more important to showcase. But definitely on the both sides of characters a lot of change as Salahuddin is now the most busy Business man and Manu is a busy mother and how much mean the Mikael is who has still his own absurd interest to find the all entities of his father.

And we are now waiting for the next twist in drama with the meaningful character of Jeena. Would the Jeena is going to influence the life of Salahuddin? Have there any misery upon Manu that further affected her life? Let’s wait for the next episode with hoping that it would maintain the level of interest uphold from the very first episode.


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