Marasim Drama Episode 17 Review

| July 22, 2014

The latest 17th episode of drama serial Marasim begins with the grief and pain of Daood… as he is suffering from critical situation and he know that he can’t undo anything… to move in past where he initiates his life with Nayab. As he knows that he has quite limited for his family. So he becomes quite emotional and sensitive about his family.

And here Momenah is aware of the major reality about Daood’s disease so she become quite depressed and asked her mom to call Daood at least once but her mom doesn’t allow her to take any such step which will make you more emotional.  And yes it was a pleasant change to see Nayab in all comforts and especially when her husband came back.

But Daood itself become selfish he at once walked away from Nayab but one he knows about his disease and he had no other option he came back to her without divulging the factuality of his life and keeping her wife in the dark by not revealing the truth. In my views Daood should not hide his disease from his mother and loving wife that why he shifted back.

I mean this is ridiculous to cheat others just for your own sake. He should reveal the truth to his family that he has not much time to spend with them. Btu Nayab as a generous and king girl accepts his husband without concerning that how badly he passed away by ditching her. But anyhow she accepts Daood as his husband because she is simply a loving girl.

And here this episode also contains a strong conversation between Daood and Gaitiara where she reveals her thought that how he becomes like her mother on law and now she seems Nayab to be next Gaitiara. But Daood relaxed her mom and asked that he can’t bear the burden to hurt that innocent girl anymore…. This episode was quite emotional and sad but I must say Ehsan khan is best in his role.

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