Marasim Drama On Aplus Episode 14

| July 9, 2014

Marasim is a Joint family hassle based drama aired on A-plus which is scripted by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Owais khan. Basically Marasim is the story of Gaitiara (Saba Hameed) who hardly spent all her life in a miserable position just due to her impecuniosity. She is not well respected by her Mother-in-law.

But before the death of her mother-in-law she annunciates the decision of interchanged marriages between her grand children without consulting Gaitiara.  Daood and Deeba are the children of Gaitiara who are engaged with their first cousins Abdullah and Momina. But as life is not always immaculate and simple so there arises complications when Abdullah divulge the factuality of his marriage with Indian Muslim girl in USA, which has become obviously an astound news for all specially Gaitiara and Deeba.

As Gaitiara was already not too much acquiescing for their relation so this news made her views more valid. And yes as we all can imagine Daood’s mother and sister were not ready to accept Mehmona as Daood’s wife. And here Memoona also bothered due to her mother so she refused to marry Daood and performed like every thing is going normal. And here’s the time for the entry of Urwa as Nayab who is an immaculate girl having amiable attributes. So unwillingly Daood married Nayab on bothering her mother.

But Nayab was also not well respected by her mother-in-law as it seems like Gaitiara is taking counterblow of her own insults. But any how the serial moves to the twisting phase when Abdullah came back with fiasco of his married life. And unexpectedly he is now persistent to getting married with Deeba which is really a selfish act because he solely the responsible for Daood, Momina and Nayab’s miseries,  but Deeba agreed Gaitiara for Abdullah as she is brilliant in convincing her mother.

The situation is turning toward negative route because after Abdullah and Deeba;s marriage Daood start thinking about Mehmoona and we all were expecting that Daood accepts Nayab as his life partner. But this was not happened as Daood again captivated toward Memoona. And Memoona is surviving conflicting married life with his husband just because Fahad is a always busy enough in his office work.

But this reason doesn’t justify Memoona to leave her husband as he provides all luxuries to her and so life is not always perfect. But Gaitiara is playing the evil role because when she feels herself satisfied to se her daughter settled she happily allowed Daood to getting married with Memoona even also suggesting him the possibilities of this act.

saba hameed in marasim Abdullah and Deeba wedding Daood in marasim Deeba and Gaitiara

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