Mausam Drama Episode 10 Review

| July 26, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial begins when Shazia’s factuality was divulged on Hashir by Saman. He was completely astonished to hear this fact. Hashir is leaving his country but before this he had to face Shazia and asked why she did all this just for her own sake. Hashir informed Shazia that he is on the way of her house and she was quite excited and happy to hear the news. He reached to Shazia,s house and asked her that how could be she so ridiculous and selfish.

Shazia was quite was to hear and again blame her cousin Saman and told him how much she lover her. But now he damn care about her and he warned her to stay away from him. Fazeelat mami heard all the things and be aware of whole situation. And here Faisal is continuously getting loss in his business and blames Saman as unlucky life partner for him.

Saman asked permission to go home to meet Shazia but her mother-in-law dissuade her to stop linking too much with Shazia as your husband still loves her and prevent her from going home. And here Shazia’s and Saman’s mother start having conflictions just because of Shazia. Shazia is nothing but a rude and selfish person who cares nothing but herself.

And Saman as an obedient wife and daughter-in-law gave her all jewellery to Faisal’s mother to solve his problem. She is trying to convince his husband to be tension free but he is still rude enough like always. Next day morning his mother gave him a huge amount of money and told him that this is her saving.

And she allowed Saman to go home, Faisal asked to drop her as her house is on the way of factory but Saman refused to do so. She met Shazia and asked the reason of her tension and she told that he moved away from Pakistan and Saman told her that he met Hashir in restaurant and told about the whole past situation and that he doesn’t love you.

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