Mausam Drama Episode 11 Review

| August 6, 2014

The latest 11th episode of this applauded drama serial Mausam initiates when Saman divulge the factuality to Shazia that she met Hashir and tells her the whole conversation between them. And Saman dissuades Shazia that she should try to forget Hashir as he is not interested in her.

And here Saman’s mother-in-law dissuades her that she should hide the fact of sale of her jewellery from her mother but inspite off all her sacrifices, Faisal is still quite rude with Saman. And Shazia decided to job in boutique and told her mother not to prevent her from job and her mother unwillingly allowed Shazia to do job but Fazeelat mami is not much happy with this decision as there are little bit conflictions between them.

And here Saman is moving to her house with Faisal where he was amazed and happy to see modulation in Shazia. But Fazeelat mami was not satisfied with all this and so dissuade Saman to change herself in a trendy and modern way. Rabia phupho asked Saman to find Hashir and tried to convince him that he should marry my daughter as you enjoyed Shazia’s joys. She told her phupho not to worry about Shazia.

And Saman hardly tries to convince Shazia to accept any reasonable proposal as Hashir is not coming back but Saman behaves really in a bad manner as she could not accept the reality that Hashir loves Saman. As this episode is not much progressive and there is not even a single scene of hero but his discussion remains. The story of this dram is still in this episode and lacks the element of interest but the next episode’s promo shows that Faisal’s mother is moving out for one month and Saman stops Shazia to use beneficent wording and Faisal asked her wife to Apologize Saman.

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