Mausam Drama Episode 8 Review

| July 15, 2014

Here we have “Mausam” drama serial with another latest episode. Just due to an egregious decision in past episodes the current episode initiates with the grief and affliction of Faisal, Shazia, Saman and Hashir. In my views it’s all happened due to Shazia who become selfish for her own sake. But anyhow Saman is preparing for her exams when her mother-in-law moved to her room and exhorts her that she should be well prepared with some fancy stuff as she is newly wed.

And here to talk about that Shazia she reached to Hashir’s office for communicating him and when he behaving rudely with her that she is only the responsible for whole incident Shazia again lied him that she was not in a position to hold any situation for him as they both love each other.  I mean how cheap that is….to destroy other’s life just for your own sake.

And here on suggestion of her mother-in-law Saman was prepared in a light way but all invain and because she was again insulted by his husband for no reason. And next morning unexpectedly Faisal offered Saman to drop her college just to see her cousin Shazia as she was his first and last love.

And till now I can’t understand that why Shazia lied in front of her mami that she reached home through riksha and hide the reality that Faisal dropped her. And here Hashir was in bad condition as he was suffering from trauma and sharing his feelings with his best friend. As this episode was still and having no element of interest… it was a bit boring episode.


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