Mehwish Hayat Will Appear As Benazir Bhutto In Her Upcoming Biopic

| February 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

Mehwish Hayat & Benazir Bhutto both females are the most famous celebrities of Pakistan having gorgeous personalities. Benazir Bhutto had the honor of being first female Prime Minister of the country who was killed badly in 2007 but she is still live in your hearts.

On the other hand, Mehwish Hayat is young and energetic Pakistani actress, model and singer who is now ruling over heart. Apart from the surprisingly stark resemblance between the two, we feel that Mehwish Hayat could be the perfect Benazir Bhutto owing to her strong personality.

Like the gorgeous leader Benazir Bhutto who always raised her voice for female rights, Mehwish Hayat also speaks up on women rights. To see her qualities and face resemblance with Benazir Bhutto, film director decided to cast Mehwish Hayat for the role of great personality Benazir Bhutto.

Mehwish Hayat wrote on her Instagram,“ Benazir Bhutto is true hero of mine, a real powerful woman and an inspiration of for many millions around the world. Would be a privilege and honor for me to play her on screen, bring her wonderful journey and her inspirational story to the world”.

There were reports that Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was earlier approached for the biopic but according to the recent reports on social media, Mehwish Hayat is most likely to play the role of super woman and ferocious leader Benazir Bhutto. Fan followers of Mehwish Hayat will definitely to see her portray the slain leader having the same grace and elegance that Benazir Bhutto had.

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