Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 11

| July 11, 2014

A latest alluring and fascinatingly featured drama serial Mere Humdum Mere Dost from Farhat Ishtiaq, Shahzad Kashmiri and MD productions casting Sanam Jung as heroine and Adnan Siddiquie as Hero. The story begins with the death of Umme Aimen’s mother who recently passed away due to her brief illness. Aimen is an immaculate and ethical young girl who suffered from the trauma of her mother’s death. But another arduous phase which she has to face is to live with her father as she has no other option.

Aimen always saw her father as atrocious husband as he rejected her mother just because he thought that his wife was an illiterate and prosaic lady. After moving to Karachi she met her father who is now married with glamorous and sophisticated lady Almas and they both have 18 years old Son, Sahir who is in turkey for higher studies. At the time of Aimen’s mother death her father Taukeef kamal was about to move on the route for turkey and ask his friend Haider to keep Aimen with him for few days until they came back. And here a story begins when Haider start taking engrossment to make her comfortable in his house as she is a scared and reserve personality. Yes! Here we have another gripping story of Manzoor and Sajeela in turkey.

They both met each other as a student in Turkish University and fall in love with each other but Sajeela,s father contradiction cause a reason for their separation but after some time we saw them as a married couple with a history with them. But they were not spending a blithe and cheerful life together especially when Sajeela discovered that her Ideal husband having a second wife in Pakistan to which he has to divorce. After a few span of time they moved to Pakistan. Manzoor is happy enough to have Sajeela as his wife but the felling are not same on other side and she start ignoring him continuously and flatly tells his hubby that she raised in plenty of freedom since from childhood and is not ready to bound herself for any one.

Sajeela is a stubborn and rude girl who not only cheats her loyal husband for Mazhar but also lying consecutively and giving bogus impression to her father and sister that Manzoor is not perfect and absolute life partner. And to talk about Haider and Aimen, they are appeared as a cute and decent couple. Haider hardly tries to change the views of Aimen and trying to emerge her as a confident and strong girl. Haider is now deeply concerning Aimen’s future.

Here we come to 11th episode of this inspiring drama serial and story is still moving to the interesting phase. Sajeela in this episode is in a grief condition as she was ditched by Mazhar and going through from the dreadful phase of her life. Sajeela faced a devastating situation in her life and she called her sister Almas as she needs a shoulder to cry but the reaction of her sister is quite normal as if she is having no concern with the Sajeela’s life. But after few thoughts Almas asked for permission from her unexpressive husband and moving toward her only sibling Sajeela….. So now have a look on Aimen’s track.

Haider’s and Aimen bonding is becoming more strong in this episode as she share all her fears, her problems, her complications in poverty stricken childhood and all her constraints. She found a best sincere friend who helps her in every phase of life. And ofcoarse due to Haider’s insistence she got admission in university. So this is the story till now… lets see what next going on in their lives.

aimen in mere humdum mere dost

Aimen,s father

Almas picture in drama

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