Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 14 Review

| July 22, 2014

This latest episode of drama serial Mere Humdum mere dost is full of refreshing elements like makeover of Umme Aimen seriously she is completely looking flawless as her whole appearance was modified. Yup this is really the priceless and best gift for Aimen from Haider he completely change that scary and poltroon Aimen into self assured and beautiful swan.

She reached home in a very pleasant mood and ready to told her father that she topped in university but when he asked (tumharay papaers clear ho gaye?) she modulate her mind to inform him about her success. As he already have no such expectations from her daughter.

A new character Fatima is introduced in this episode that is a friend and colleague of Haider… as she manages their Dubai’s office. Almas and Bibi think that Fatima would be the perfect girl to marry Haider. But Aimen felt slight jealous and insecure when she saw Haider with Fatima restaurant coincidently Aimen and Rameen were also in the same restaurant to have lunch.

Rameen was pretty sure that Aimen has feelings about Haider and she admit (agr mein apni sari zindagi ek lafz me smaitna chahun to who lafz hai haider)….. And here Fatima propose Haider but he refuses her as he has no interest to turn their friendship into relation. And he don’t want to take any other risk as his first experience was enough to disturb him.  And here Haider invites Taufeeq at office for lunch with a motive to showcase Aimen,s perfectionism in business and work ethics.

Taufeeq was astonished when he realizes about her daughters skills. He never tries to understand her daughter deeply but Aimen also never attempted to share anything with her father as she thought that he dislike her. And here Saheela is planning to move Pakistan with her friend Sheena.

She is coming back with a plan to marry again Haider as he loves her deeply and sincerely and he is not marrying second time till yet. So she seems that Hader still have feelings for Sajeela and would not take second to accept her again…. But now let see what will be the Haider,s decision. Would he allow Sajeela again to spoil him???? Especially after first experience.


aimen and almas

aimen in black dress

Haider in Mere Humdum Mere dost

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umme aimen

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