Mere Meherban Drama Episode 15 Review

| August 6, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial “Mere Meherban” initiates when Falah bring Salman to school for admission and dissuade his husband to think about his future. And here Haya and Zeeshan again had conflictions as there is huge distinction between their thoughts just because Zeeshan is a broadminded person who expects some boldness from Haya but she is a debentured and maidenly behaved girl with conservative thoughts who set her limits. And it’s the big reason for their misunderstandings. I think Zeeshan should understand his fiancé but he is not ready to do this.

Falah’s mother-in-law behaves quite angrily just because Falah has a poor background and she should not decide anything by herself. And on next day morning Falah’s mother-in-law asked her to pack your bag after breakfast and rush to your house for some days. Falah’s mother dissuade her to stay away from Salman,s mother.

Here Muskan starts misbehaving with Danish and reveals harsh wordings and thoughts for her mother-in-law Danish dissuade her but she is still rude in her behavior. And here on track of Sherry and Iraj, Sherry asked for money from Iraj just for moving abroad because he doesn’t want to loose her and nobody is ready to lend a huge amount to him.

This episode is passed in all these little issues nothing special is seen in this latest episode. But one thing that i noticed is Sabrina is a really clever girl who intended to trap Zeeshan with her boldness and confidence.  And here Iraj arranged money for Sherry Haya stops her from doing anything wrong but she give a damn care to Haya’s words….

Next episode of this drama serial reveals some excitement when Iraj steal the all expensive jewellery to arrange money for sherry and blame Haya for it but the most worst thing is Zeeshan also not ready to believe Haya and asked about jewellery and there Nayara takes step for her daughter, so she break the engagement of Haya and Zeehsan. Wow I mean it’s a best decision; Zeeshan doesn’t deserve Haya as a life partner he has no guts to stand by her in any situation.

Danish in mere meherban


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