Mere Meherban Episode 12 Review

| July 17, 2014

The latest 12 episode of hum tv drama serial Mere Meherban begins with conversation of Zeeshan and his future father-in-law about Haya. Zeeshan is a bold person who is not ready understands the criteria and limitation of Haya at any cost and so he complaint about her behavior to his uncle and future father-in-law. As expected! Haya’s father asked her to change her behavior and don’t let them complain about you.

I must say that Haya’s decision to accept Zeeshan as his whole life partner is not much favorable for her. She has to face many more such situations. But anyhow Haya is still mistreating in Zeeshan’s house even through his guest also Sabrina. Sabrina is a new character in this drama serial introduced as Shaista’s friend’s daughter who is belonging to extremely high background which is enough to impress Shaista.

But anyway she moved to shopping and dinner with Zeeshan by ignoring Haya. Being an educated and independent girl Haya should show some self respect inspite of becoming so debentured. Sabrina is showing great interest in spending time with Zeeshan. And here Falah is passing through another critical exam of life in which she has to face a son of her husband with his ex wife but anyhow she is quite decent and impressive personality which has guts to face problems with patience.

Falah is a mature person who is very kind and generous to Salman as she is a caring personality but inspite off all these things it’s difficult for her to neglect and forget that her husband cheated him by concealing the crucial fact of his life. And here to talk about that rude and stubborn girl Areej she is deeply interested in sherry that is deceiving her by lying her consecutively.

Sherry set his image as a rich and well off personality who is spending luxurious life but on the other side the reality is completely opposite and now he is in a worry how to manage the whole situation as he truly loves her. But anyhow the story the promo of next episode shows only one interesting thing that is divulgement the factuality of Sherry to Areej by his own mother…. Now let’s see what would be the reaction of Areej after knowing truth.

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