Mere Meherban Episode 13 Review

| July 22, 2014

The latest Hum tv based drama serial Mere Meherban is approved and illustrious these days. The freshly released 13th episode of Mere Meherban initiates with the brut and acrimonious wordings of Shaista for Haya and her family. Shaista and her ill mannered daughters not left even a single chance to hurt Nayara and her daughters.

And here Sheheryar is greatly worried about the reaction of Iraj when she knows his fact. And especially when his mother attends her call and introduced herself as sherry’s mother. Here Haya reached to zeeshan’s room just because to discuss about the behaviors of his family with her especially zeeshan’s behavior and she allowed him to take ant step for his own sake.

But unluckily Shaista heard all conversation and angrily slapped Haya and the worst thing is when Zeeshan remain quite and not spoke even a single word in Haya’s favor at that time. And ofcoarse Haya is really shocked… as she already mistreated in his house but she never thought all this. But she has all expectations from Zeeshan and he is nothing but a dull and selfish person who not even cares the person whom he loves.

He has no guts to compel his family to respect his Fiancé. And here Shehryar’s mother divulges the factuality of his son on Iraj. She was nothing but shocked a lot as she never thought Sherry as a cheater. And here Sabrina is in full ambition to trap Zeeshan by representing her self as a confident and sweet personality.

And on the track of Falah she is becoming mor attached with Salman and he also. She intends to create a positive relation between herself and Salman. But her mother-in-law’s behavior is not much good with Falah just because she has not a wealthy and rich background like Muskan. She told Falah too serve her friends and keep Salman hide from them.

But Falah in some situation revealed the whole fact of his husband’s first wife…. And her mother-in-law behaves so angrily and annoyed.


Haya picture

Iraj in shocked reaction

iraj picture

Picture of Zeeshan


zeeshan in black

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