Mere Meherban Hum TV Drama Episode 11 Review

| July 11, 2014

The latest inspiring drama aired on Hum TV is “Mere Meherban” these days. It is really an engrossing drama serial of the antithetical families of two brothers. This story is scripted by Maha Malik and delicately directed by Farooq Rind with the production of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.

Mere Meherban is the drama based on true love, sincerity and relationships. The story begins with the engagement of Muskan who is stubborn and blunt girl arrogance on his father’s wealth. This drama spotlights the distinction between the behaviors of peoples of different standard even with their real relatives. Nazeer and Waseem are two real brothers. Nazeer is affluent by condition and so his wife Shaista alongwith his daughters Muskan and Areej are atrocious by nature where as the son Zeeshan is gracious and amiable in nature.

And on the other side Waseem is a person with complaisance attributes who always give the lesson of courtesy and patience to her daughters Falah, Haya and Fariyah. Shaista always misbehave and present illiterateness in her discussion specially when communicated to Nayara and her family. And to talk about Zeeshan, he is profoundly interested in Haya but due to families complications her mother is not ready to accept Haya as her daughter in law but consecutive insistence of Zeeshan and menace of her husband compel Shaista to agree for the engagement of Haya and Zeeshan. On the engagement day of Muskan, his fiancé,s khala noticed Falah because of her decentness. After few days she reached to Nayara’s house asking for Falah and his son wedding. As she found that Falah is a quite immaculate and commendable girl. So the same date was decided for the wedding of both cousins Muskan and Falah.

But there is a despairing phase when on wedding night Ayan divulge the factuality of his first disastrous wedding and his son which is really shocking news for Falah and on next day she decided to go back. This news cause great happiness and pleasant incident for Shaista and her daughters. But by realizing the criticalness of situation Falah came to Ayan, house on his apologizing. While talking about the story of Zeeshan and Haya…. Zeeshan is broad minded person who wants Haya as a frank person with him as they are engaged but Haya is a decent and religional girl who cannot dissidence her mother’s rules which is really an annoying thing for Zeeshan.

Here in latest 11th episode Falah is trying to acclimatize herself in his husband,s house, which is really not acceptable for her cousin Muskan and she continuously criticized her in crowd. Falah is well mannered girl but still she is not well respected by her mother in law just because her not so wealthy background.

And here Shaista moved to Nayara’s house to address Haya for housework as her friend’s daughter is coming, which is not really a peaceful and acceptable act for Nayara but due to forcing her husband she allowed Haya to go. But after full day working in Zeeshan’s house she was insulted by their guest (sorry aunty…. I thought kaam wali hogi) I mean this is really unreasonable when Zeeshan remain quiet in whole situation. So next day Nayara who is really sensitive about her daughters refused Haya for moving further in Shaista’s house to work.

Haya in smile

mere meherban

mere meherban drama

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Muskan and falah in kitchen

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