Most Expensive Singers, Actors & Actresses from Pakistani Drama, Music & Film Industry

| September 9, 2015

Pakistan Showbiz Industry & Most Pricey Celebrities:

Turning into a star or celebrity & then cashing the skills is the most common trend of the Hollywood, Bollywood as well as lollywood showbiz industry. I think acting, singing & filming are some of the easiest ways to become rich into the world. You just need acting skills (for acting) or sweet voice (for singing).

A God gifted actor or singer always enjoys the great viewership in all over the world only in a very short span of time while the other needs to works hard. When a common & unknown person become a sparkling star of the showbiz industry then he/she demand high amounts for entreating his/her viewers from producers. Well, I think its right for every star because he/she is after all a star & stars are not easily accessible.

If we talk only about the Pakistan showbiz industry that includes drama industry, film industry as well as singers then it is right to say that with the passage of time this industry is moving ahead with successful projects of new actors & actresses who are doing their jobs very well. But now they are demanding high, you understand. Let’s take a look at top highest paid actors, actress & singers of Pakistan showbiz industry!

Fawad Khan:

1 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (1)

Fawad Afzal Khan got fame the blockbuster & super duper hit drama ‘Humsafar’ & got more fame from bollywood debut “Khoobsurat”. Now he include among the most expensive actors who demand almost 3 to 4 Million per Drama & almost 3 lakhs per episode. No doubt the Fawad Khan is a very soft natured person but when he signs a project then his demands are high.

Mahira Khan:

2 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (4)

What do you think about Mahira Khan? Yes she also includes among the highest paid Pakistani drama actresses.  She is the co-star of Fawad Khan in blockbuster drama’ Humsafar’ & also trying to make bollywood debut soon with most expensive Indian actor Shahrukhan. She charges almost 150,000 per Episode when she took step in the showbiz world but now it is in news that she increased this amount from 150,000 to 3 lakhs for one episode or drama or ads.

Faisel Qureshi:

3 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (13)

Faisel Qureshi is a very talented & skilful actor of the Pakistani showbiz industry especially drama industry. He not only acts well but also host shows in a very well way. He has won the hearts of Audience with his skills. Now he chooses projects on the basis of packages offered on these projects. It is in news that he demand almost 15 to 20 lakhs per project in the past but now the price has increased dear producers it is almost near 3-4 Million.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

4 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (9)

Rahat Fateh Ali has become a singer who gains fame in short span of time due to his unbeatable voice. Khan usually demand 10-15 lacks per song. But I think he justify with his demand because he is really a very legendry singer & I think he deserves more.

 Saba Qamar:

5 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (10)

Saba Qamar is also an evergreen & hit Pakistani drama actress & I think she deserves if she demand 23-35 Lakhs per Drama. She is still full of talent & amaze audience with her acting.

Atif Aslam:

6 Top Most Expensive Celebrities (3)

Is Atif Aslam is found in Pakistan? Well mostly people think he is Indian singer but it’s the time to correction. Yes, Atif Aslam  is Pakistani singer but after getting fame from Pakistan, he move towards Indian & collect more fame by signing lots of songs for different Indian movies & now he is famous worldwide & demand almost 1 million for a live concert & 10-15 lakhs per song.

Into the following photo gallery you can see the pictures of some expensive Pakistani stars who demand high. Take a look!

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