OMG! The Same Dress Race of Bollywood and Hollywood Actresses

| October 14, 2016


Living in the age where fashion is sneak peak of everyone, we see showbiz stars more running after trends. We can say them the true representative of fashion settled by the designers. If we talk about bollywood actresses, they are examples of reinventing glitz and glam of fashion but really we have driven out some images that are totally depicting themselves copy cats.
Yes, intentionally or accidently they wear the same dress that are flaunted by some Hollywood actresses too. It is sometime ironic that if they don’t want to present the unique style statement? Even more, when a big number of fans have many expectations to them.

Well, we can’t say anything clear about this act of copying the same dress of any of these actress but the images shown to you are compiled here, we will tell you that which bollywood and Hollywood actress has been suspected wearing one outfit and who has just gone right with it. It is because, every actress going with same dress has not styled it the way Hollywood actresses done, but with different accessorizing and styling there is creating a judging level between both actresses. Wanna see that images? Ok! Here we go. Cheer up and enjoy these looks.

1.    Victoria Harvey wore the black gown at Golden Globe Awards whereas beautiful Deepika Padukon has given the golden a go, both styled side swept but Victoria is justifying her style more mesmerizingly.


Well, here we have picture of wearing designer dress by three actresses. Karina, Kangna and Emily Blunt have chosen the purple same pattern but different style dresses to wear on different events.


Sonam Kapoor is considered the right fashionista of this age but we have caught her many times wearing the same style dressing code styled by a Hollywood actress. Kerry Washington and Sonam are wearing of same Dior ivory fashion dress and we are judgmental in their accessorizing in the way that Kerry clutch and Sonam hairstyle is wondrous.


Australian singer Kylie Minogue had once styled the orange strapless gown that Deepika repeated it in an event. We are stunned with the charming looks of both because Deepika and Kylie has styled in their own way and beautifully.


Whoa! Bebo and curvy lady Kim Kardashian wore black golden belted knee length dress but honestly Bebo has just made the dress exquisite with red pout and sexy figure most.


Most amazing golden mermaid gown was seen wearing by Aishwariya Rai and Kristin Chenoweth on red carpets. We have all votes for bollywood beauty Aishwariya due to her curvy looks and red nails and lips.


Zoe Salanda and Deepika Padukon tried the gorgeous black sheer and plunging neckline bold gown that is flaunting their appearance more glamorously.


Two red carpets look with same glittery mermaid blue gown but different accessories are looking so beautiful. Anushka Sharma and Rosario Dawson have styled this differently but amazingly.


Strapless blouse and glittery green skirt worn by Emma Stone and Kangna Ranaut have copied their style and I am mesmerized by Emma Stone classy style statement.


Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopes wears the Flowy skirt and white top which Alia Bhatt has worn and both are looking fresh and pretty.


Priyanka Chopra and Naomi Harris were starred wearing same black designer gown and their earrings are creating whimsical impressions.


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