Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Boigrahy and Pictures

| October 9, 2015

Mahira khan leading Pakistani actress:

Actress Mahira khan known at international base and has become one of highest paid actresses of Pakistani. She has excellent artistic skills with evocative beauty. Among the high profiled celebrities of Pakistan she has prominent place. Mahira belongs to a respectable Pakistani Muslim family. Mahira Hafeez khan started her career as VJ when she was 16 years old. She was hosted most wanted live music show at MTV. She gave excellent performance in ever green drama Humsafar. Humsafar took the actress at the peck point of success and she deliberately sustained her place at this peck point. She performed a supporting role in Pakistani social movie “Bol”.  Her excellent artistic skill took their best exposure in Humsafar, Sher-e-Zaat and Sadqay Tumhray. These are memorable dramas in which khan performed excellent leading roles. She was nominated for most of luxe and other awards.

Personal life of actress Mahira Khan:

Fetching Mahira Khan was born at 21 December 1983. She married with loving fiancé Ali Askri and has a cute child Azlaan and a daughter. Mahira is one of most talented actresses of era. At international level she performed her excellent acting skills in high ranking movies. She married 13 July 2007 with Ali Askri, she met Ali at Indus TV studio and fell in love.
Mahira performed a role of elite class egoist girl in Shehr e zaat who experienced spiritual purification during the unbelievable happenings of life. In Hamsafar she performed the role of middle class girl Khirad who married to high ranking cousin Ashar. It was blockbuster TV serial of 2011. Mahira’s all performances polished her abilities and a new aspect of her talent came in front of eye. In these days the actress s busy in different leading projects. Recently she performed in Pakistani romantic drama movie “Bin Roey” . She has also played prominent role in “Raees” Indian movie opposite Sha Rukh Khan.
here we are sharing some of excellent picture of beautiful Mahira Khan,. She is looking exclusively magnificent in these pictures. Her fans will defiantly like these adorable pictures of talented Asian lady.

Mahira Khan is full of modeling elegance pose

1 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (1)

Plain fashion costume worn by Mahira Khan

2 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (2)

Mahira Khan in traditional bright red color suit

3 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (3)

Mahira with internationally known co -star Ali Zafar

4 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (4)

Designer stylish attire carried by talented Mahira Khan

5 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (5)

Beautiful Mahira in excellent white dress

6 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (6)

Pakistani celebrity Mahira Khan with co-star Ayesha Omar

7 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (7)

Mahira Khan in black and white pant coat dress

8 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (9)

Sleeveless conventional style well embellished suit worn by Mahira Khan

9 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (11)

Mahira is exploring the grace of designer costume

10 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (12)

Simple white color exclusive designed dress worn by Mahira Khan

11 Biography of Actress Mahira Khan (13)

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