Pakistani ARY Drama Dil Lagi Episode 10 Review

| May 24, 2016

ARY tv drama dil lagi episode 10 review


Yes, I love that way Mohid always shows his love even without knowing if the very next person is able or not to be loved but here’s the fact is that ‘MOHABBAT TO ANDHI HOTI HAI NA” so we can keep on expecting more things. However the way Anmol mention the names of Indian movies was bit amusing that made me laugh and also the clarification of not having same climax of such movies like heroin gets back to her husband in fact it would be different. Well it’s amazing to see the Mohid’s role before and after wedding in fact the love that changes even a wicked to sophisticate but we cannot say that Mohid was a wicked one and he is still bearing the hatred feelings of Anmol who thinks of him the BADMASH, GHUNDA and also MAWALI, but the question is that is she not really a selfish woman instead of brave because a brave women keeps much space for her reliability remember the 9th episode in which Mohid confide her to bring the Fareed back at any cost she thinks, ‘MAIN TO AASMAN SE GIR K KHAJOOR MAIN ATAK JAOON GI’. Then the decision to fall from the sky I mean marrying to Mohid was her own and now every trial to pinch up Mohid has become her motive of life getting all the things wrong that is even right in reality but we would rather ask her if she really happy with this life, she is not only taking revenge to Mohid but also with herself too.

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The episode starts from the reopening facts of married life by Sabiha to Anmol in which the ‘KASAM’ was a new thing told by Sabiha and the twist about life is that the mother of her husband has died so there is least hope to go back to her husband. But the part of Anmol after getting all told by Sabiha is also the reflection of Anmol character when she makes Sabiha consider that if you have to be selfish to get the joys of life, do it anyway.
The participation of Anmol mother and sister in this episode was interesting how her mother makes her understand to compromise with Mohid as he is a good boy but the all she misunderstood when listening the conversation of Mohid and his mother about their son in law, told to her mother realizing that Mohid is not what he depicts but only a Ghunda. The level of perception is unreasonable by changing the mind of her mother like Dil MAIN BAAL AGAYA. On the other hand Anmol’s sister has told all to Mohid unknowingly the facts that are the true twist of drama which will take the story forward. She does not like Fareed; he was just used to prevent from Mohid’s craziness for Anmol. Now Mohid has come to know that Anmol was just playing the tricks to Mohid and that would be the thing for Mohid to make his life according to the choice. Probably he will make Anmol tangled in her own net that she woven for Mohid but we really expecting the sane from the part of Mohid.
Thank God that we have entertaining character of Dastagir who delights us in anyway like when both Mohid and Dastagir goes to the brother in law home and how amusingly he says to have cup of tea even listening the ‘NO’ of Mohid and further he clarifies in the same tone of Mohid; “BEHAN KA GHAR NAHI BEHAN K SHOPHAR KA TO GHAR HAI TO DANDI MARI JA SAKTI HAI”. Well at start when I looked at Imran Ashraf in this role I thought imperfect but how beautifully he has tackled all bringing the expressions according to situations is appreciating. The bond of Dastagir and Mishal is really cute that brings the lightening factors to drama but we are expecting that this bond would become strong at the end.  There were also some tints of romance dared by Humayun Saeed who is definitely famous the king of romance but even then the overall acts by characters were ok and especially the exact Urdu accent of Mehwish Hayat is exemplary.

What do you think all about the episode share your precious comments and get updated till the next episode air on.


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