Pakistani ARY TV Drama Dil Lagi Review of Episode 9

| May 17, 2016

Hats off to the dialogue quality of this episode:

ARY TV drama dil lagi review episode 9

Let me appreciate first thing about this episode that the quality and genuinity of the dialogues delivered by different characters. This episode was the true inspiration for ‘Khalis Urdu’ reflected from the drama that was the good thing for making our language such precious. I always like the way how Saba Hameed justifies with her powerful acts and dialogues like when she says to her daughter Sabiha about her husband:

“Maa ki zid nazar ati Hai us Susrey ki hat dharma nahi” it just blown my mind and further she stuns buy saying; “Ak nahi 4 baar basaun gi tera ghar tujhy bhi sakun ho” which shows her ego for not giving any flexibility to her daughter Sabiha.

Mohid to Anmol: “Main tumhy mukamal dekhna chahta hoon tumhary baty huye wajood ka Kya Karun ga, tumhy khush dekhna chahta hoon chahy Kisi or k sath hi sahi”.

The bond of love and ego by two different mothers:

ARY TV drama dil lagi review episode 9 (1)

Well in the episode the twist created by the part of two mothers of Sabiha and Anmol is very interesting, Sabiha is bearing the lack of consideration for her feeling of save house but mother keeps on realizing her no flexibility to approve this relation and even the intention of divorce is clear by the mother but she seems mourning in this episode. Talking about Anmol’s mother i would rather justify her decision of getting her stubborn daughter out of the home as a mother can understand well her children are going to destroy their life so Anmol always has seen her mother’s love but not this bold reaction but I have to say one thing even this behavior will not make Anmol understand to accept her life as it is going.

Interesting move of BHABI NAND’S connection:

ARY TV drama dil lagi review episode 9 (2)

Well an instant connection has developed between BHABI and NAND I mean Anmol and Sabiha, actually it is natural when two persons are passing by the same situation the link develops automatically and same is with both who are disrepute by their mothers for not considering them right in their own way. Another thing will be sane to not having the typical BHABI NAND Chaalen to let down each other commonly inspired by the Indian dramas trend. Although there has been the flexibility in Anmol and Sabiha yet we cannot expect that this bond will really flourish ahead from the part of Anmol having unpredictable attitude especially for her Susral.

The Coward turn of Farid:

Anmol’s younger sister has completely frightened Farid about the daring personality of Mohid and instead of staying and waiting for Anmol, he finds it better to go and save his life. On the other hand Mohid cannot bear to see Anmol’s impatience to meet Farid when he drops her at mother home, but after knowing that her sister has frightened Farid Anmol gets angry.

Farid is getting ready to not staying in the city and the funny thing when he says to his friend on phone for not confirming seat for other city, “Main Kisi bhi Mazaar par chala jaun ga wahin beth jaun ga par yahan nahi rukun ga” and I really feel that he is able to sit in Mazaar due to Buzdilana Rawayya. And that Buzdilana Rawayya is right for Anmol.

The heroic acting of Mohid in this episode:

ARY TV drama dil lagi review episode 9 (3)


AHHH… I strongly feel very much for the two heroes last night, Mohid & Sallahu din who finally realize their situations and the results of such things. Humayun greatly has gripped to his role and the acting was very strong, in fact when he makes clear to Anmol that he will no more obstruct in her way and helps to get back of her love. How much grief and pain he is passing by for not having the complete love so resultantly in front of Anmol’s hatred, he is ready to assign her love to Farid. But despite of the fact Anmol is now worried for “MAIN TO AASMAN SEY GIR K KHAJOOR MAIN ATAK JAUN GI” is showing that she is going to take another move but there are things further we have to wait. Overall the episode was good and hoping for the interesting move we are waiting to see more.





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