Pakistani Drama Dil Lagi Episode 16 Review

| July 12, 2016

The new twist in this episode is the meeting of Fareed and Anmol but by chance that has been stared by Mohid and which would bring a new pace to drama. Well everyone was not expecting the Fareed appearance in front of Anmol but I would appreciate because this turn will definitely bring more excitement to drama.
Anmol is all set to help out her Nand but Sabiha once again is the reason to create misunderstanding between Mohid and Anmol. Literally the condition of Sabiha is pitiable and it is natural to have sympathy for that person, I like the way Anmol is presenting herself a fully helping person to Sabiha but in other way she is totally making her married life more vague not only for Mohid but also for herself. The concentration of Anmol is upon Sabiha and Sabiha’s mother putting herself to obey the decision of getting rid of her pregnancy which is a pinching thing for her and surly for every mother.

From some previous episodes the drama has more conversations than twists but somehow I like the way writer is taking the drama gradually and finally to the exclusive situations that everyone is waiting for.  Even though all the characters are in strong conversations but anyways these dialogues and conversations are bit interesting to develop the pace of drama. The more I see Mohid’s mother the more my interest goes at peak because of the flawless acting from her character, it is all sumptuous and great art of an artist to perform deeply and perfectly.

Now after meeting Fareed, Anmol has another mindset to get him out of the country and help him by providing money as he has no job and source of income when migrated to another city. This help will surely affect Anmol’s life while on the other side the concern of sending Fareed to other country also shows that she wants Mohid anyways in her life but dramatically we will surely find the end dramatically or may be reversed from our hope.

Dastagir is the one reason we find to please the viewers amazingly and now to Mishal, the effort of starting studies on saying of Mishal is understood and we are hoping there would surely a strong bound ahead between the two.  Anyhow the episode was justified by every character and right now the next promo of drama is showing a deep and serious conversation between Anmol and Mohid’s mother which can take drama to another place that may be unexpected for all the viewers.
Stay blessed!

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