Pakistani drama Dil Lagi Episode 20 Review

| August 8, 2016

0. Dil lagi episode 20 review

We guessed about the misunderstanding and here it happened in this episode, Mohid and Anmol relation is now at the holy shit. When Anmol feels too much about Mohid with the pleasant feelings Mohid was all in search for her going to hospital and there’s the nurse telling about abortion totally makes her feel confused and worried. All what Anmol writes in letter was just the beautiful explanation about her but she did not know that her joy will not last forever because the promise done to Zulekha will prove a bit harder for her.

The episode’s start and end was justified but with the two situations of Anmol, start with happiness and love feelings while the end with crying and grief for the agony of situation. Both Anmol and Mohid justified their situation, Mohid is set to know for her declaration and he keeps on insisting Anmol to tell the all but Anmol is pathetic and stunned and even takes all on herself that she is not a lady with character.

1. Dil lagi episode 20 review

Although her feelings was changed but still she is a lady with ego to not tell and explain about her, life needs much explanations to set out the relations in a better way but people who don’t explain definitely find trauma. The Thappar from Mohid was not what we were expecting as he is not a furious man even Anmol confessed writing in the letter that;  “MAIN WAADA KARTI BHI NAHIN. WAADA TUM JAISE LOG KAR SAKTY HEN MOHID JO NIBHANA JANTY HAIN. MUJH JAISY LOG JO APNY GUSSE K AGY BEBAS HON, UNHE WAADY NAHIN KARNY CHAHYE. GHUSSA WAADY BHULA DETA HAI.” The situation lead to that Thappar as Anmol gets out of mind by telling this to all and for Mohid kind of man this is unbearable.

First time in this episode the Anmol gave us much to feel for because she just brings her round to love Mohid and even cooks, smiles in front of mirror and writes the letter happily as it was tough to confront Mohid so she thinks the writing is good way to express all. Hopefully this letter would be a patching up thing for their relation, on the other hand the phone calling of Zulekha and arriving of Sabiha also a turn to make the love bound of Mohid and Anmol strong as the Sabiha will surely be a reason to clarify their misunderstanding. But we just expect and guess the further happenings because there was not promo of next episodes.

2. Dil lagi episode 20 review

The episode was good even with the last and strong words of Anmol when she was about to go and Zulekha asked her to not go as there is dark night; “ANDHERY MAIN HI AI THI OR ANDHERY MAIN HI JAUN GI”
Well what do you think; who and what will be reason to patching up all the misunderstanding? Will Zulekha confide Mohid when he will come to know all about Sabiha abortion? Or Zulekha will stand for her Bahu? Do share your comments.

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