Pictures of Handsome Chai Wala at 2016 Bridal Couture Week

| November 30, 2016

Blue eyed  tea seller  Arshad  khan is   very beautiful her  eyes are very attractive  she belongs to the Islamabad he is the  person of most famous  bridal couture  he  become the famous man on the  instagram his pictures were liked  by the girls and  many girls have take the selfies  of her with the chai wala  when the  girls  take pics with the chai wala and upload on the face book  then these pictures  are fully  famous  all the fashion designers see the beauty of that chai wala now the Arshad khan aka  is  very famous   model and  walk on the ramp his age is only 18 but  he get fame  due to the  instagram photograph and then he signed a contract  of modeling  he is assigned many commercials like motorcycle  and many other things.

The dresses of the chai wala is in the velvet pent with the coat golden embroided work is full matched with his eyes because his eyes are also blue  on the coat the golden button are  looking so beautiful .his  photo shoot is very nice  full stunning pics  in the dark blue color velvet dress with golden work on overall coat  the velvet  pent is very simple in the bridal couture of this week he has  earned so much fame  and now this  a common  citizen of Islamabad is famous  model  who was the chai wala  named as Arshad khan. If you want to see the more pictures of Chai wala then stay with us and see the bridal couture of Arshad khan who is famous model of the Pakistan and has a  great name on face book.

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