Pyaray Afzal Drama Episode 35 Review

| August 6, 2014

This latest 35th episode of drama serial Pyaray Afzal initiates with climax when Afzal entered Molvi Sahib,s room. Afzal asked to enter but his father allowed him for only 2 minutes and Molvi Sahib never loses any chance to mesmerize us with his exalted and effective dialogues (tumhari maa ne naam rakha tha tumhara…. Mene tabhe keh dya tha kay Ruquyyah begum naam bht bhari hai iski laaj rakhna mushkil ho jaye ga….ab tum he bta do mujhay kahan kay Afzal ho tum.) He asked Afzal that your mother is not satisfied and she don’t forgive you till now go and apologize from her. And as Afzal is dearest son for his mother she forgive her on Molvi Sahib,s recommendation.

Farah came to Afzal’s house to congratulate him and Yasmeen on their engagement and to inform them about her wedding on Sunday. Afzal was astonished to see Farah and his mother summed up nicely (dekhtay kya ho? Ye bhe tumhari tarhan murder karnay lage hai …baat krtay he maar deti hai) No doubt Farah is really jealous with Yasmeen because it seems from her body language and her curiosity reveals from her words. (pehlay I love u kis ne kaha tha???….mene dekha tha tumhari ankhon me dikhta tha wo) and they discussed about the coincidence Yasmeen, Farah and Khat wali Farah’s engagement.

And Farah asked Yasmeen that if she knows that Afzal is not in love with her then why she agreed for engagement and Yasmeen answered (mujhay us se muhabbat ho gaye the Farah…isi liye proposal suntay he lalach me a gaye….socha me us se mangni to deserve krti hun na). Afzal shocked to hear the announcement of Farah,s upcoming wedding. Ruqayyah begum dissuade Afzal to discard previous love letters and move on in his life with Yasmeen (Agli muhabbat krnay kay liye pechli muhabbat ka sabot zaroori nhe hai) Arifa on insisting Yasmeen shows Afzal’s letters to her and she showed great interest in that letters.

I guess Yasmeen can find something useful in those letters and may become the source to settle the conflictions between Farah and Afzal. Another gripping and fascinating discovery when Substain reacts in a frustrated way and hold Lubna,s hand (mangni tak to khatray wali baat nhe the.. ab kya shadi bhe kar lun??) I am damn sure that there are must some mystery behind their story.

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Farah in pyaray afzal

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