Pyaray Afzal Episode 33 Review

| July 17, 2014

As this is the long awaited and most highly ranked drama of the week… so I can’t wait to explain my review for its episodes…. Another episode of number 33 which is really engrossing and gripping having element of turning point. The episode begins with the engagement day where Yasmeen and Afzal are engaged and here Farah’s future father-in-law said that she should wear the engagement ring from Molvi SubhanAllah as he is the best person for this.

Firdous Jamal is stunning actor who always amaze us with his inspiring way of delivering dialogues and his expressions. And unfortunately as Farah move her hand to wear ring Molvi sahib fainted by heart attack which creates a distracted condition. So now every one is in hospital…. and here Ruqayyah begum represent her self as a quite brave and hardy person and consoling Farah (ghabrao mat…betay ka attack heart attack se ziada bara hota hai…tab kuch nhe hua..ab bhe kuch nhe hoga unhen) I must say Khalil-ur-Rehman is no doubt an incomparable and exalting writer having magnetic powers in his words (ye mat samjhna kay heart attack ki wajah se larkhara gaye thay….baat kuch or the..tum ne angithi pehn,nay kay liye ungli uthaye..,wo samjh rhay hun ay ungli un per uth rhe hai…) in this episode the dialogues of Saba Hameed in Ruqayyah begum role are elevated and her delivery of dialogues represent their meaning in a quite alluring way

(darti hai bechari emaan ki bht kamzor hai na….halanke Molvi sahib ne betha kar samjhaya bhe tha …kay Arifa dua mang kr bhe dartay rho to lagay ga tumhay qabool krnay walay pe bilkul aitbar nhe hai…khuda ki lanat hai aisay dua mangnay per…) and here Afzal was surprised when he informed about his fathers’ heart attack from his friend. And move to Haiderabad with Yasmeen. Molvi Sahib who ostensibly angry with his beloved son Afzal… calling his name unconsciously… And here Afzal on entering the hospital first face the Mr.

Ibraheem and his family and then move forward where he first met his sister Arifa… but the best and my fav scene of this episode is when Afzal and his mother met each other that was quite emotional and touchy scene o the drama…. I am really excited for the next episode of this drama serial to see what would be the reaction of Molvi sahib after looking his dear son….

afzal engagment

Afzal picture

Arifa in pyaray afzal

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