Pyaray Afzal Episode 34 Review

| July 23, 2014

Here we have another engrossing episode of drama serial Pyaray Afzal. This drama is long awaited because it’s ever episode have gripping and fascinating element. Last seen episode was ended when Afzal reached to hospital and the scene when Afzal met her mother was just splendid and containing remarkable acting of both. And I think it is reason that this scene is shown again in beginning of latest episode. (Aba ka sun kar agaye ho…or aba ke sunay begair chalay gaye thay…..larkhara kr giray thay mun kay bal… logon ne to kal dekha…mene to usi din dekh liya jab mun kay bal gira gaye thay tum….kamar unki jhuk gaye hai Kambakht or rafter tham gaye ha…tum ne Haiderabad chora unhon ne Imamat chor di).

No doubt, that the skills of Saba Hameed to deilever dialogues are remarkable and amusing. She met her future daughter-in-law, Yasmeen in hospital. In my views Firdous jamal is not less than a leading role in this drama serial his acting and dialogues are absorbing and captivated in every episode. He is admit in hospital now and his wife and Yasmeen told him that Afzal is outside their with weeping eyes and Molvi Sahib replied (usay kehna wo 7 mahenay baad ro rha hai… main 7 mahenay se ro rha hun) And here Farah is in angry and annoyed mood just because she saw them together in hospital.

And shared her feelings with Lubna in harsh and abusing words for Yasmeen and asked Lubna to call Sabtain and say him to go back his home. As Afzal is a son and he should bear all responsibility. Farah’s reaction completely reveals her jealousy but she is not accepting this authenticity. And she decided to marry with Subtain on coming Sunday just for a stupid competition (or kal wo milay to keh dena..kay dum hai to mukabla kr kay dikhaye) and then she called Sabtain to informed him about their marriage on next Sunday but he is confused bit as he sets his mind for engagement not marriage.

After discharging of Molvi Sahib, Ibraheem is trying to convince Molvi SubhanAllah to forgive his son and concede him to come back home. But he is still in his words so Ruqqayah begum inspired us again with her dialogues (Is larai me Molvi ko shikast-e-fash ho chuki….apni ankhon se larkhara kar Molvi ko baap kay qadmon main girtay dekha hai mene…ab agr hosh mein atay he baap ko phir gardan se daboch kr beth jao gay….to ek bechari maa ka dum nikal jayeg ) and so he he agree to allow his Afzal to come back but with his words to Ibraheem sheikh (soch li jiye gunah or sawab ka yap khud zimedar hun gay) and yes I hardly loved his reply to Molvi sahib ( gunah or sawab ka to sawal he paida nhe hota Molvi sahib…..maa, behen ko khush kr dya to pule sirat se chalaway ke trha guzar jaoun ga) and one more promotion Afzal gain when Yasmeen bring a cup of tea for Molvi SubhanAllah and convince him to met Afzal. And here Farah informed her mother that she wants to marry on Sunday but his father and Sabtain is not ready yet.




Molvi SubhanAllah

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