Review of 21st Episode of Sadqay Tumhare

| February 28, 2015

Sadqay Tumhare-Episode 21

Once again, it is a great episode with great acting skills of every actor & actress. I must say it’s a drama with unique story & outstanding direction. Well written dialogues are always a treat for the viewers. Every single episode from 1st to 21st is a treat to watch. Viewers’ interest in this drama is increasing day-by-day. New turns & twists are making it really very fabulous & outstanding. Mahira Khan is absolutely fit in Shanno’s Character & Khalil’s character is also very exceptional. Other supportive characters such as Rasheeda, Amin, Abdur-Rehman, Anayat, Bee Jee, Tanga Wala, Molvi Saab, Humaira, Doctor Maqsood & others all have their own significance & support this love story significantly.

OI must say that this episode Emphasis on the character o Shanno’s father “Amin”. Amin has understood the fact that both Shanno & Khalil truly loves to each other. That’s why he ready to marry both. When Shanno come home then Rasheeda thought that once again her plan is successful but she never knows that this time Amin never stands with her instead of it Amin is on the side of Shanno because he now understand about the Rasheeda & her Schemes.

Amin oppose Rasheeda by promising to Abdur-Rehman & Bee Jee that “he is ready to marry his daughter Shanno with Khalil”. When Bee Jee & Abdur-Rehman came at the home of Rasheeda & Amin for fixing the date of marriage then Rasheeda become angry & talk with her husband Amin. She said to Amin like tum mujy talaq do r Abdur-Rehman sy kaho k do bratein ly kr aye aik Shanno ki or Doosri meri”.

In this way Rasheeda speaks her emotions & feeling about Abdur-Rehman before Amin. Finally, Rasheeda confessed that she loves only Abdur-Rehman. How she can do this? She is blind in her one-side love & can do anything without caring about her self-respect, kids & husband. In simple words, Rasheeda cross all the limits in her one sided love. Amin is really a very gentle & soft hearted person who always gives respect to his wife, fulfill her wishes & believe on her but now he has understood his wife is a woman who can never ever change & that’s why he is still wedged on his verdict that he gave to Bee Jee & Abdur-Rehman. I like the dialogues of Amin that he speaks for Rasheeda such as “Bygairiti sy behtr hy k Mr Jao, mery liye itna hi kafi hy k tumhari qbr p zouja Mohammad Amin ka qatba lg jae” & “maa bn Rasheeda, baaandrri naa bn”.

When Rasheeda want to tease Shanno then Shanno said to her mother “Mry Jaesiyan tu bohat hein ammi jee par ap jesi aik puray gaoun me tu kiya puray jug me nahi hy”. This shows how much Rasheeda is acidic in her thoughts.

I like the discussion of Shanno & Humaira. Humaira is the best friend of Shanno. Shanno shares all of her thoughts about Khalil with Humiara. So, I think that when a 1st person talk about the 2nd person before 3rd Person then it is sure that the 3nd person will surely think about the 2nd Person. It seems as some feeling are developing into Humaira’s heart about Khalil. Well, it’s a guess from my side. Shanno & Humaira discussion another surprising dialogues is when Shanno said to Humaira “Tm kr lo na us sy shadi, moonh choom lun gi me tmhara”.

Humaira is seemed quite surprised when listen this from Shanno. I think Humaira cannot stop herself in engaging with such a man who is perfect. It seems as Shanno is not ready to accept this happiness because she has faced lots of obstacles & problems in her way in the past that now it seems as she hesitate to accept the happiness heartedly.

The last scene of this episode is quite interesting in which Khalil & Humaira seems together. Khalil said to Humaira “if you will marry me then what will be the reaction of Shanno”. It’s really very shocking scene. I think Humiara is watching a dream due to the discussion that she had with Shanno about Khalil & her marriage. Let’s see in the next episode whether it’s true or just a dream. If it’s is a dream then what will be its significance? Whether Humaira also falls in love with Khalil & betray her best friend Shanno or it’s just a psychological or emotional attachment? Khalil-ur-Qamar dramas are usually having a tragic end as in Piyre Afzal “Afzal died”. Here I think Shanno will die. Let’s wait & watch!

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