Review of ARY Digital Drama Goya Episode 21

| April 6, 2015

Goya Episode 21-A Love Story of Two People Belongs from Contrary Backgrounds

The Episode 21st of drama “Goya” throw light on the seriously falling health of Mohini. Mohini has cancer & her cancer is almost on last stage & she has only two month. Asma, Sherfu Nana & Umer, all are trying to take Mohini to Karachi for treatment but Mohini is not agree to go Karachi for treatment because she very well knows the fact that she cannot alive more even after treatment. I think Asma & Mohini both share a very healthy mother-daughter relationship with each other then why Mohini is trying to hurt her mother by never acting upon the advice of doctor to go Karachi? When Mohini can allow Umer to enter into the home of Sherfu Nana then why she is not going to Karachi with Umer on his utmost request? Umer wants to save the life of Mohini & I think now he once again beg before Senior Hashmi for Mohini’s treatment as Mohini bow before Senior Hashmi for the sake of Umer’s Life in the past. On the other hand we are viewing that Zara is acting like typical wives. She is again & again asking from Umer when he will come back but Umer told her about the falling health of Mohini & asks from her about senior Hashmi because senior Hashmi is not receiving his calls. When Zara reached at the home of Senior Hashmi then she found that Senior Hashmi is also ill so she takes him into the hospital & calls to Umer. She told Umer about Senior Hashmi’s bad health but at the same time Mohini’s health also start to go down. So, Umer drops the call of Zara & pay attention towards Mohini. Senior Hashmi comes to know from Zara that Umer is in Murree with Mohini & can never come to see him in hospital then he feel quite disappointment. I think Asma makes her daughter Mohini quite stubborn by sharing a too much friendly relationship with her. We also observe that Asma is struggling hard for getting money so that she can collect money for her daughter’s treatment. Overall, it was a good episode with lot of new developments. I think the director & writer are trying to wrap up this drama on this stage. Let’s see what happened into the next episode! 1 Goya episode 21 (1) Goya episode 21 (1) Goya episode 21 (1) Goya episode 21 (2) Goya episode 21 (3) Goya episode 21 (3) Goya episode 21 (4)

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