Review of ARY Drama Goya Episode 13

| February 9, 2015

Goya Episode 13 Review

Goya is now aired on ARY Digital at 09:00 pm on Saturday’s night. The timing has changed from last two or three weeks. It is good to see this drama even at 09:00 pm because the story is becoming most interesting. Each episode brings lots of scenes with lots of new developments. Umer, finally, come back at his father’s home I think he maybe forget his solemnly promise that he will never ever took step in this home but now he is staying in the same home but he is emotionally disturbed.

He knows that Senior Hashmi will surely do something bad with Mrs. Mirza & Mohini. Umer is as a helpless person because he is paralyzed (not genuinely but fakely but only Senior Hashmi & Haniya knows this fact & Umer is unaware from this fact). He dials the numbers of Mohini but the Number is off. Senior Hashmi said to Umer that both Mohini & Asma have left him when he was in bad condition but Umer never believes on this statement of Senior Hashmi.

Asma & Mohini are living in Murree with Sharfu Nana. Mohini is continuously seen in great depression because she thinks that she can never live without Umer. Asma, mother of Mohini tries to convince her to go back but she refuses. Mohini try to commit suicide & in this effort she lost her unborn child. This miscarriage is shocking & hurting news for Mohini.

We finds out that Haniya hold some test results in her hand & share news with her close family friend. She told to this friend that Senior Hashmi never wants a child. I think may be Haniya is pregnant & but she never shares this news with Senior Hashmi. On the other hand the mystery of the Zeb’s characters is increasing day by day.

She belongs from Bangladesh & Senior Hashmi also migrated from Bangladesh into the year of 1971. I think Zeb told to Haniya (in 12 episode) that her Nana was the production head into the factory of Senior Hashmi’s father. This shows that Zeb’s has close relation from Senior Hashmi’s past. Let’s see when this Pandora box will open?

On the other hand, Zara has come back Pakistan after recovery from Rehab. She is very shocked when she finds out the news of Adnan’s death. She meets with Umer & asked from him about the cause of Adnan’s sudden Death. Umer told her that Adnan died maybe due to the overdose of Drugs. Umer also told her about how Mohini & Asma suddenly vanish after his accident.

Zara’s parents wants to marry her with Umer as soon as possible because according to them now everyone in their circle knows about Zara’s Rahab recovery news & no family will be agree to accept her as their “Baho” so it is better for her to marry with Umer because Senior Hashmi is agree to accept her as his son’s to-be wife. This is the review of the 13 episode of Goya. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Waiting for the next episode!

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