Review of Ary Drama Goya-Episode 14

| February 16, 2015

Goya Episode 14 Review

Umer finally come at the home of Senior Hashmi & takes care by a home nurse. He is seemed quite weak to walk due to his spinal cord surgery but when once he try to walk then he easily walks then is quite surprising for him because after the spinal cord surgery one can never walk as smoothly as he walks. He asks from the nurse about his surgery & becomes suspicious about the statement of his father that “Mohini left him because he is paralyzed after spinal cord surgery”. He thinks maybe senior Hashmi pursued Mohini to left his son by using force.

Now Umer decided to find Mohini, when she demands the keys of car then Haniya said to him “how you can drive in such physical condition”. So, she said to Zeb “you should go with Junior Hashmi”. We find out that Zeb’s confidence is boosting up day-by-day even she talks very confidently with Senior Hashmi. The strange point about Zeb is that she is trying to avoid discussion about her father. She tries to help Junior Hashmi. She is very sensible & sincere lady. She takes Umer at all those places where Umer wants to go so that he can find Mohini. Firstly, he go at Mohini & Asma’s apartment & finds out that now they never live there & other people are living on rent in this apartment. Then he goes at Mohini’s office & meets with Noomi but Noomi shows a very cold behavior. He blames Umer but Umer said that “Me to behoosh tha Nomi”. I think he should tell him everything to Umer I mean all about Senior Hashmi & address of Mohini.

Zara and Umer are meeting with each other. Zara shows her emotions for late Adnan before Umer. Zara & Umer both are not ready for this marriage but their parents are forcing them. She also shares about the last video calling that she had with Adnan. She said that Adnan seemed quite different & strange into this video call. He is seemed as he is talking with a person who enters into his room without his permission.

Umer is trying to call Mohini but Mohini’s number is going off. But When Mohini on her mobile at the same time she saw that Umer is calling her but she cut the call & once again switch off her mobile. Umer becomes suspicious about Mohini why she never receives his call & switch off her mobile. At this Time Zeb tries to say Umer that you should directly talk with Senior Hashmi.

Haniya is pregnant & she is hiding this fact from the Senior Hashmi because Senior Hashmi never wants any more kids after Umer. She is trying to make herself free from her business by winding-up her factory & canceling further orders. This is really very strange for Rahat Hashmi. I think whenever Senior Hashmi got the news of Haniya’s pregnancy then he will urge her to abort this kid because he never wants that’s why Haniya is hiding this fact from Senior Hashmi.

Mohini is still is great depression. It seems as she cannot live without Umer. She is in dilemma. We find out that finally, Asma is trying to find out a job. For this purpose, she visits the office of Shadab Zuberi for job interview. Let see what role will be played by this new character. This is a review of the 14th Episode of Goya. Stay with us & read more drama reviews weekly!

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