Review of Chup Raho 18TH Episode

| January 2, 2015

Episode 18: Review of Chup Raho

When I watch this episode then I am very much surprised about the strangers who help Ramin because all relatives of Ramin only tease her & increase her worries. But I think through these strangers, the writer of this story actually wants to convey a message that “this world is not full of with bad peoples only, there are also some people who help the needy people without any kind of their own personal interest”.

Now Ramin is living in a hostel. Warden is ready to keep Ramin in Hostel only if she will work there such as washing clothes, washing pots, cleaning rooms etc. Zarina is a girl who is her roommate. Zarina is not a good girl. She is a characterless girl & she also wants to engage Ramin in her profession but Ramin is unaware from Zarina’s thoughts & plans. Ramin also watch some of Zarina’s pictures with a guy but she threat to Ramin that “if you told to anyone then I will do very bad with you”.

Ramin afraid from it & never speaks truth before the warden. Zarina go outside from the hostel, When warden try to stops to her then Ramin comes there & said to Warden that “wo Zarina nahi me thi”. Ion this wy Ramin is trying to help Zarina because Zarina said to Ramin “mery aik buhat qareebi relative foot ho gae hen mera jana zarori hy”. I think Zarina telling a lie with Ramin. Warden is very angry on Zarina & Ramin but in the early morning we finds out that Zarina & Warden both are sitting on one breakfast table with smiling faces.

After facing such difficulties of life, I think Ramin should become a woman of strong determination but on contrary she is a not only a foolish girl but she has also the lack of wisdom. She speaks well & practically she never do something right. She can be made fool by anyone very easily.

Numair’s daughter “Naila” is seriously ill (due to a mosquito bite). On this illness, Numair shows his anger on his wife “Manal”. He calls her careless. Numair also shows his frustration on Doctor. Numair is a double face person he harass to Ramin for fun while when it come to his own daughter then he completely becomes a different person. Numair is ready to go abroad for the cure of her daughter.

What about Azar? Azar is completely becoming an intoxicated man. He drunks as he can. Azar is drinking more & more so that he can forget his all worries. But I think this is not the right way of getting rid from worries. He is a well educated & sensible person then how easily he can engage himself in such bad activities? I am completely in wonder on his physical & mental condition. Azar’s sister is also blaming on Manal for his brother’s dull condition. She gives an advice of second marriage to her brother “Azar”.

When I wait for the next episode then I think “may be this next one will last episode” but unfortunately still there are no chances for last episode. Now the story starts to move on a new track. Let see where the writer of this story will take us. No doubt that the drama is written as well as directed flawlessly. We are hoping that after all these twists & turns this story will have a rational end. All actors & actresses are performing very well. Hats off for them!

This is a review of 18th episode of Chup Raho from my side. What’s from your side? Don’t forget to share your thoughts & guesses about this drama with me!

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