Review of Chup Raho-Episode 25

| February 18, 2015

Chup Raho Episode 25

When this drama will reach on its conclusion? Now it’s enough. I don’t know that when Sameera Fazal was writing this script then what was going on into her mind? Was she thinking about most stupid girl of this world who never learns from her experiences or she was thinking about denigration of women? I mean what’s going on with the characters of this drama. Every character’s dialogues are just meaningless & they are repeating their past mistakes again & again.

Ramin who left the home of her sister only because she is abused & harassed by the people of this home now once again she has come back in this home for the sake of her seriously ill niece. Numair also never stops himself from touching Ramin again & again. What about Manal? She is still following the instructions of her husband. When Manal was going to tell Ramin about Azar’s death then at the same time Numair interrupt her & stops her from telling this fact to Ramin.

As I told you in the previous review of this drama that Ramin go away with Manal without telling to anyone. Now in this episode the little three girls of Shiraz find out that the Aunty is missing. Shiraz’s mother told to her son, about Ramin’s absence & at the same time Shiraz reached at Numair’s home & said to Ramin “let’s go back” but Ramin said “how I can leave my sister & her seriously ill daughter alone”.

Shiraz tries to tell Ramin that “now you are once again coming into the sweet talks of these people. Don’t do this” but Ramin said that “I think now they have totally changed. So I will stay here with my sister”. Shiraz goes away by saying that “if you need my help at any time then I will be there immediately”.

Now she is living at Numair’s home. She is cleaning home; she is taking care of her niece. She is preparing food for them. Now it looks as Ramin is the only girl who comes into this world only to take care the people. It seems as Ramin is a good omen for every house because the house in which she took her steps, this house become sweet home as Shiraz’s home & now Numair’s home.

I must say what a ridiculous plot.  Numair is trying to talk with Ramin by referring his harassment, rape & all other stupidities that he had done with Ramin in the past & the surprising point is that Ramin is listing all this in a very calming manner. Howe she can listen all this from the mouth of Numair?

I think Ramin should slap Numair or she should leave the room of the home immediately where Numair come because it is the only way to show your abhorrence against the man whom you never like. Well! What we can do, it’s your life & all decisions are also yours but you should take a decision soon because we are now fed up from this drama. So, hurry up & take a decision!

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