Review of Chup Raho Episode 26

| February 25, 2015

Chup Raho 20 Episode- ARY Top Rating Drama

In this episode we find out that the thoughts of Ramin about Azar, Numair & Shiraz have been changed completely. Now, she is thinking that Azar is quite acceptable in comparison of Shiraz because Azar is not characterless while Shiraz is Characterless. Interestingly, she is calling Numair as “Numair Bhai” who is actually a rapist. How she can call him “Bhai”, “How she can live with him at his home”, “how she can trust him again & again” & “Why she believes on Numair & Manal’s stories about Shiraz & Azar”.

In this episode we find out that Numair wants to stops Ramin at his home & for this purpose he send a message to the driver of Shiraz from the side of Ramin by using the mobile of Ramin & ordered him to go back. When Ramin reached into the garage then she never finds out car & she open her bag so that she can call to driver & ask him where he is but she never finds out her mobile. When she asks from Numair & Manal then Numair said may be you dropped your mobile anywhere inside the homer so come on & check out. Manal can also never drop Ramin at the home Shiraz due to the illness of her daughter. So Ramin is staying at the home of Numair.

On the other side, Shiraz’s daughters are missing Ramin a lot. Shiraz’s mother said to him that you should take your daughters at the home Ramin so that they can meet with her. Shiraz is very much angry from Ramin because she sends the driver back at home by saying that now she never needs it. On the request of his mother, Shiraz ready to take her daughters at the home of Numair so that they can meet with Ramin.

Numair is trying his best in order to stop Ramin at his home. For this purpose he & his wife Manal both are telling lie with Ramin about Azar. In actual Azar has dead but Numair told to Ramin that Azar is living at another place. He further tells a lie that “I receive the call of Azar & told about you”. Ramin is not ready to live with Azar & she wants to go back at the home of Shiraz but Numair want to stop her at his home because according to Numair “Ramin is very lucky for his home”.

Finally, early in the morning, Shiraz reached at Numair’s home so that his little daughter’s can meet with Ramin. When Ramin saw Shiraz then she thinks may be “he is there for taking her back home”.  Once again Numair play another game. He uses the pictures of Shiraz that he captured at the flat of Shiraz & told to Ramin that “Shiraz was his friend & usually gives his apartment for mistreating & molesting girls”. That’s the point where Ramin outburst on Shiraz & starts to abuse him by saying you are also a characterless man. Shiraz tries to clarify his position but Ramin never listen to him. Shiraz go back & said to his daughters & mother that “now no one can talk & meet with Ramin”.

Now Ramin thinks that “Azar is better than Shiraz because he is not characterless as Shiraz is”. She once again decided that she should live with Azar. Now, she demands the number of Azar from Numair & Manal so that she can talk with him but Numair said that “you should take some time & think about your decision”. In this way he is, actually, trying his best in order to hide the fact from Ramin that “Azar has dead”.

In most of the scenes we find out that Manal knows everything about Numair. But the weird point is that after knowing this entire fact why she is living with him? I think both Manal & Ramin are well educated girls & can be independent by working in an office or in an organization then why they are living with Numair. Manal is still acting like puppet of Numair because she acts upon on everything that Numair said to her.

The surprising thing for me is the strange behavior of Ramin. She is really a very foolish girl. She once again allows her to trap by her Brother-in-law Numair & sister Manal. She never learns from her past experiences. I think after facing lots of problem now Ramin should appear as a strong woman. On the contrary she is still as innocent as before (or she may be she is trying to become innocent). Let’s see where the story will take its characters? When the trapping plans of Numair will comes to an end? When Ramin will act wisely? Wait, Wait & just wait!

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