Review of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye “8”

| December 8, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 8

The drama is moving ahead slowly & slowly. I don’t know why Saira is becoming so materialistic even after such a great loses.  She is not getting any lesson even after from her mother’s death. She is stick on her plan according to which Saqib will marry with Shafaq & when Shafaq will die (due to brain tumor) then he will get all her property. According to Saira this is the only plan of getting wealth. Saqib is still not agree on this plan but Saira is forcing him again & again. When Saqib is calling to Saira again & again but Saira is not receiving his calls.

Finally, Saqib come at Saira’s home so that he can talk with her & asks from her “why she is doing all this with him”, “whether she loves him or not” & “if she loves then how she can tolerate that he will marry with any other woman?” but Saira need money, wealth, big home, cars & all luxurious of life that’s why she is ready to take any step for a lavish life. Saqib left Saira’s home in anger & unfortunately he met with an accident. Now he is in hospital. Shafaq is there with her mother. She is calling to Saira again & again so that she can tell her about the accident of Saqib but Saira is not receiving her calls.

Shafaq’s mother is trying to convince her daughter that she should takes care of Saqib & she should help him in his studies. She further said her daughter that you should wear brighter color clothes so that Saqib feel happiness but Shafaq is annoyed from it because according to Shafaq what is the relation between her clothes & Saqib’s happiness. Overall, in this episode nothing special happened expects of Saqib’s Accident & Shafaq is taking-care of him. Saira is running behind wealth & she never takes care about the emotions & feeling of Saqib.

Saira’s elder sister is happy because her husband got a job with 50,000 salary per month. Furthermore, her elder sister reveals that her mother is like a “saint” because she said her “don’t worry you will live a happy life with your husband”. Now Saira becomes worried because according to Saira her mother is angry with her before death. Let see whether Saira will get success in order to get Wealth? Whether she will lose Saqib or not? What will be her future? Whether her all wishes fulfill or not? Let’s waist & see!

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 8

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 8 (2)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 8 (3)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 8 (4)

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