Review of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 3

| November 5, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 3

In this episode we saw that finally Saqib knows his feeling very well that he can never live without Saira. That’s why he said to his parents that he like her & wants to marry her. Now the engagement of Saqib & Saira is going to be held. Let’s read how it happens!

When Saqib’s father said him that he has chosen a girl for him, she is the daughter of Sham’s group of industries then Saqib said that he never want to marry now because he is still studying. Saqib said that he want to complete his studies. But his father replied that after marrying from Sham’s daughter he can reach at the heights of success & he also assured his son Saqib that he can continue his study after marriage.

When Faiq (father of Saqib) reached at home then he feels that no family member is on dining table for dinner with him. Everyone boycott from Faiq. His wife said him that he never wants to bring a modern “Baho” or “Wife” for her son. She further told that her son will never live a happy life if he married with Sham’s daughter. So, finally Faiq agreed & ready to on her sister-in-law’s home for his son’s love.

On the other hand, we saw that Shafaq’s mother invite a guest at home for Shafaq (she wants to marry her daughter with a nice man). She also prepared a green color dress for Shafaq but Shafaq shows her insecurities that this color will never suit on her. When guest come at Shafaq’s home then we saw that firstly Saira enters in the room & Shafaq’s mother introduced her by saying that “ye meri beti ki friend hy”. But the guest impressed from Saira & then behind Saira Shafaq enters in the room. There is lots of discussion on Saira instead of Shafaq.

The guest shows his interest in Saira instead of Shafaq. Finally the guest revealed his feelings (when Saira went away) that Saira is a girl who is full of life & he like this girl. He said to Shafaq’s mother “Aunty Saira sy mery rishty ki bat chalein”. Shafaq is very much depressed from this situation but her mother tries her best in order to cheer-up her daughter. We feel that Shafaq is insecure about herself. She feels that she is not beautiful.

We saw that finally, Saqib’s parent come at Saira’s home so that they can fix the relationship of Saqib with Saira. Saira’s mother is very happy. When Saira returned from Shafaq’s home then she knows that her “Khalo & Khala” came at her home for fixing Saqib’s engagement with her. Saira reveal her happiness by saying that now she will become very rich. Her all dreams are fulfilled. She also behaves like a “Malikaan”. She acts how she can order servants. Saira’s mother said her that she should control herself & avoids herself from flying high.

On the other hand we saw the affection, loving & caring Khala of Saira (Saqib’s mother). How nicely she talked with Saira’s mother on phone & assures her that she has already bought engagement dress for Saira. Saqib’s mother told her sister about the appointment of parlor for Saira (that she has taken already).

Overall it is a good episode, let see whether this engagement lasts or not? What will be the behavior of Saira after wedding with Saqib? What will be the future of Shafaq?

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 3

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 3 (1)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 3 (2)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 3 (3)

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