Review of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 7

| November 29, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 7:

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye episode 7 is completely about the materialistic nature of Saira & Saqib looks like a puppet. He is blindly in love with Saira & ready to do everything in her love. Saqib is a well-educated person & of-course he has the power to convince the other person (as he convinced his parents when he wants to marry with Saira & finally he successes because his parents were ready). Now (after the death of his parents) what happened with Saqib? Let’s have a review for unfolding this suspense!

Saira visit her best friend Shafaq’s home & meet with her friend. Saira is discussing with Shafaq about her wishes to become a rich girl, her expectations (when she got engaged with Saqib), her miseries & her misfortune (unexpected poorness of Saqib). Shafaq said to Saira “don’t think like this because the most important thing is that Saqib is still with you & he never blames you for all these un-sudden incidents”. Mother of Shafaq hears all these talks & then she enters into the room.

She offers a lift to Saira. Shafaq’s mother talks with Saira that “You can become a rich girl if you will agree your Fiancé Saqib to marry with your friend Shafaq only for one & a half year”.  Shafaq’s mother wants to give every happiness to her daughter that’s why she is agree to give all her property to the person who will marry with Shafaq. Saira is ready for this but the shocking thing for me is that Saqib is also ready.

When Saira first talk with Saqib then he shows anger on this totally erroneous thinking. Saira’s mother is also very much dis-hearts after listen all this & she slaps her daughter. At first Saqib resists from doing this but later he is agreed. It’s really shocking for me & that’s why I said he is acting like a puppet & blindly in love with Saira.

Now according to plan Saqib is living at the home of Shafaq. Shafaq’s mother said to her daughter that Saqib is coming there because his exams are near & he wants to make preparations. What is stupid reason of staying at Shafaq’s home. Let see & wait what happened with Saqib, Shafaq & Saira.

On the other hand, Saira’s elder sister & her mother both are annoyed & angry from Saira. When Saira’s elder sisters is talking very angrily with Saira then at the same time Saira’s mother came there. Now Saira talk very bitterly with her mother & about her mother’s past. She taunts her mother about “how she married with her father against the will of her parents”. All these harsh talks between mother & daughter will cause a heart attack on Saira’s mother. She died due to this heart attack.

After great losses, Saira is still blindly in love with her dreams & wishes of becoming a rich girl. She is upset from her mother’s death but she still not agrees to bring Saqib back at home. Saqib is still trying to come back but Saira is not agree. Saira needs wealth & that’s why she said to Saqib that this is the biggest chance to get all those things that you have lost after the death of your parents. According to Saira, if Saqib will work very hard throughout the whole life even then he will not earn as much as he can after marrying with Shafaq. Shafaq is unaware from this plan of her mother & best friend. Let’s see where the story will take these three characters Saira, Shafaq & Saqib.

chupky sy bahar ajeay episode 7

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