Review of Digest Writer Episode 10

| December 9, 2014

Digest Writer Review of 10th Episode

10TH Episode is really a blockbuster episode of this drama. It is full of with interesting turns. Scenes are short but full of twists. Rays of hope are seemed very clearly into this episode. It’s all about Fareeda’s optimism which may be lost anywhere in the previous episodes.

Finally, Fareeda receives 4 lakh from Ayan Junaid & give half script to his driver. Fareeda’s family is very much happy. Allaha always makes new ways for those people who believe in Him & remember Him. Now they can marry their daughter Jameela very easily. But Fareeda’s father said to his family “don’t tell anyone about this money”. Shaukat met with an accident & his mother talks like a superstitious woman that “Shaukat ko Nazar Lag gae”. Fareeda’s patents go to see him in hospital & Shaukat asked from them about Fareeda.

Finally Jameela got married & everyone especially Appa & her daughters are surprised to see such a huge wedding with lots of dowry for Jameela, best make-overs & fine/expensive clothes of Fareeda’s family. It was good to see, on this wedding, that Shaukat is chasing Fareeda but Fareeda is avoiding him. No doubt that Shaukat is a nice guy with cute heart. His dressing style is always a good source of amusement for the viewers.

Fareeda is continuously in touch with Sheryar (through long calls & messages). Sheryar knows very well how to talk with people sweetly & boldly. Sheryar Ahmed proposed to Fareeda in this episode. He only talks with Fareeda on phone, he never knows how she looks but he knows that she belongs from a rich family, she has visited lots of countries, and she is an ideal girl for him. Sheryar only knows to Rashk-e-Hina never to Fareeda.

What will happen when he comes to know that Rashk-e-Hina (Fareeda) belong from a poor family & she is not a rich girl. Fareeda is also very much tensed from this situation. Let see whether Fareeda will accept his proposal or not? I think Fareeda should tell everything very clearly to Sheryar Ahmed about her life, family, social background & social status. Then she should judge him. If he loves him truly then I think social status never matter for him.

Another interesting development which occurs into this episode is the character of Mazhar. He is a writer but in showbiz industry he is facing a downfall. An actress Maharoosh appears very self centered person because she is in touch with Mazhar only when he is on the height of success but now in his down fall she is tainting him & said to him “you should write a drama like Khawab & Jugno”. Mazhar is very much upset from the situation that “why everyone is talking about this drama”. It seems as he is feeling a professional jealously from this drama & its writer.

Ayan Junaid seems quite honest with Fareeda. Due to such a nice & gentle man, Fareeda is thinking positively & it seems as her all dreams are going to fulfill soon. No doubt that Allaha always makes right conclusions for his people. So, you should never lose hope & always hope for the best.

Rida Anmol’s restlessness on “why Fareeda is not receiving her calls” makes me much happy from inside. She deserve it because a time when Fareeda was calling to her & she was not receiving her calls. No doubt that Allaha is best maker of circumstances. The character of Maharoosh very clearly tells us about those actresses who keep themselves near to those writers who lead them towards success when a downfall time comes of these writers then these actresses’ shows bad temper & peevishness towards these writers.

Instead of great caution, Zareena (mother of Fareeda) told to Appa that Fareeda got lot of money due to writing sorties for TV. So, finally, Appa (mother of Shaukat) came to know the secret. May be now she is agree for Shaukat’s marriage with Fareeda.

No doubt that this drama is bounding its viewers & audience very gradually & beautifully. The story depicts very real faces which usually found into our society such as greedy people, honest persons, mean & jealous people. Let see where the story will take us. Keep on visiting this site for more reviews of dramas. See you for next week!

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