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| December 16, 2014

Digest Writer Review of Episode 11, Story is shaped-up beautifully!

This is really a very different & unique story as compared to the other dramas. Once again this one episode has lots of scenes & twists. Each & every scene unfolds the story very brilliantly. The script is writer well & direction is also too good. I must say a good team work. Saba Qamar acted brilliantly. Let’s have review of it!

I like the way Fareeda deal with Rida Anmol. Fareeda is writing script for the producer & Actor Ayan Junaid. Let see what will be the reaction of Rida Anmol when she came to know that Ayan Junaid is providing an opportunity of making a name into the showbiz world as a writer to Fareeda? Mahroosh is also working into the drama that is written by Fareeda. Let see what will be the reaction of the old write “Mazher” towards new talent “Fareeda”?

Fareeda finally takes a decision to remain away from Seheryar. She is not receiving his calls. She is never replying of his Emails. Fareeda is thinking that she can never meet the standards of Seheryar that’s why she should stay away from him. Fareeda is blaming herself, her social status, her poorness & her background for all this. But I think, she is thinking totally wrong because it is only Seheryar who never gives her any chance to speak frankly with him & share her realities of life with him.

Seheryar always share his standards with her, his wishes with her, his dreams with her. He never ever tries to ask her what you wishes are. What are your standards? What are your dreams? He always tries to impose his thoughts on Fareeda. Then why Fareeda is blaming herself & her social status for all this? Seheryar is still trying to pressurize Fareeda so that he can get what he wants. Seheryar wants to meet with Fareeda. Let see what decision will taken by Fareeda? Whether she will meet with Seheryar or not?

Appa (phopho of Fareeda) is very much impressed from Fareeda because by writing stories for digest & TV she is actually supporting her family. In this way Fareeda is contributing in domestic expenditures. She is the same Phopho who firstly opposed Fareeda when she starts to write. Yes, it is right that money plays a vital role in order to bring a great change into the live of peoples as well as into their opinions. Appa is also trying to tell Anwar (father of Fareeda) that “you are now depending a lot on Fareeda’s income; it is not a right habit for a father”.

Anwar feels guilty on it. Now Anwar & his wife both want to marry Fareeda as soon as possible. Fareeda’s mother shows her wish that she want a doctor or engineer as her son-in-law. This drama very beautifully revealed the opinions of our society who never wants a well-educated & talented girl as their daughter-in-law instead of it they need a girl who is master in household chores.

Good content is the key point of the success of this drama. The steady pace makes it spectacular. Different scenarios shaped up beautifully & directed well. Each episode has a different card of trumpet. Passionately, enthusiastically & eagerly, waiting for the next Episode!

Digest writer episode 11

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