Review of Digest writer Episode 19

| February 9, 2015

Digest Writer Review-Episode 19

No doubt that the story of Digest Writer is moving towards its climax but I must say what a story with marvelous cast, stunning acting, to the point scenes & dialogues even tiny details makes its viewers very crazy about this drama. They wait for the Saturday’s night so that they can watch a new episode with the hope that this episode like all previous episodes will surely be full of with new turns & twists. Episode 19 of Digest Writer is also another interesting episode. Let’s have a review of it!

In this episode once again we come to know that Shaukat & his mother wishes are not coming to an end. Although Fareeda is trying her best in order to fulfill the increasing demands of her in-laws yet they are not thankful for her. Shaukat & his mother’s demands are increasing day-by-day. They are expecting more money from Fareeda. Shaukat is not running his father’s business as well as his father run in the past. Instead of running he is ruining the business because he is engaging himself with another woman.

I like the scene when Fareeda go on shopping with Shaukat. She tries to buy all those items which will provide comfort to her daughter while Shaukat insists her not to buy all these unnecessary items. This scene shows very clearly about the love of a mother for her daughter while on the other hand Shaukat depicts a careless father.

We also know that now in Fareeda’s in-laws home her sister-in-law Naghma & father in law are providing her the emotional support because they know very well about those responsibilities that are fulfilled by Fareeda after a lot of uphill struggle.

Fareeda finds a piece of jewelry from the shirt of Shaukat. She very clearly understands why Shaukat comes late at home. When she questioned Shaukat then Shaukat’s justify himself by saying that “you are not paying attention on me, you always busy in household chores & blah blah blah but I think Shaukat’s justification was not right because it is the same Shaukat who said to Fareeda you will obey my mother, you will perform all the household chores & now when Fareeda is fulfilling his all wills then Shaukat is trying to blame her. What is this? Shaukat also said to Fareeda that “you love your papers (script writing work) more than me”.

How he can say this to her because he is the same person who said to Fareeda “stop writing” & she stops & when he said to her “starts writing (because he want some financial support)” so she starts writing then how he can say this to Fareeda that she loves her papers more than him? He has forgotten all that Fareeda is doing for his family. If he cannot do anything for Fareeda than at least he should stay honest & loyal with her. Fareeda, I think now there is no love, no sincerity & no care in this relation so there is no need of staying with Shaukat. You take a right decision of going at your parent’s home. I think this relation should end now. Let see what decision will be taken by Fareeda?

Fareeda is also missing Sheheryar a lot at this stage of life. No doubt that Fareeda tries her best in order to settle down in her relation with Shaukat but it is a one-sided effort. Shaukat never try to become an ideal husband.

At One side Fareeda got best colleagues because this channel is providing all the facilities to Fareeda. No Doubt that Umm-e-Maryam is a nice & gentle lady who respects Fareeda a lot. Fareeda’s serial is going super hit on the channel. On the other hand Mazher Hayat is questioned by the head of channel. The head of the channel asked from Mazher Hayat “why Fareeda is not writing for their channel?”. Mazher Hayat to try justify himself but in vain. I think now Head of Chanel will either fire Mazher Hayat from the job or ordered him to request from Rash-e-Hina to write for their channel. Viewers will surely want to see how Mazher Hayat will contact with Rash-e-Hina. He hurts Rash-e-Hina & now his ego will be going to hurt soon. So, this is the review of the 19 episode of Digest writer. What’s your opinion about this episode? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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