Review of Digest Writer Episode 22

| March 2, 2015

Digest Writer-Episode 22

Believe me! What a special episode with beautiful scenes. This was really a very awesome episode. It was all about Seheryar & Fareeda encounter into a shopping mall. Yes, Fareeda got fame as Rash-e-Hina into the world of drama industry & achieve all those things that she actually want a big home, a car, lots of servants into the home & but she is never living a happy married life. Shaukat is still running behind the other women. He is ignoring his wife. Shaukat now totally depends on Fareeda. He never works anywhere.

Fareeda’s in-laws are silent before her only because they are getting all the luxuries of life only because of Fareeda. When Fareeda was playing with her two little kids “a girl & a boy” then during discussion with her kids she reveals that “she working hard only for her kids” such as she said “Mamma sirf apny bachoon k liye kamati hen”. No doubt, she is speaking truth because Shaukat & his family never ever do anything for Fareeda & her kids then why Fareeda work for them. Now she is earning money by working hard only for the sake of good future of her kids while she kept her in-laws at her home due to some social norms otherwise they never deserve such a luxurious life.

On the other Hand, Fareeda is very happy when she meets with Seheryar. Now both started to meet with each other. Fareeda never hide any single fact from Seheryar about her married life. She told him about her difficulties & unhappy married life while Seheryar also shared about his unsuccessful marriage. The discussion of Seheryar reveals very clearly that he truly love Fareeda. When Fareeda go for a meeting with Seheryar then she selects clothes for herself after great consideration. Her sparkling eyes when she looks towards Seheryar & her smile told us very clearly about how much she loved him & feel inner happiness when think about him. When Fareeda said to Seheryar “Tm hi rehny den, ap khny waly tu boht mil gay” then it shows her inner wish of a sincere life partner & Seheryar is really very sincere with Fareeda.

Fareeda’s mother & her younger sister both discuss about how Fareeda worked hard & helped them but she is not living a happy married life. Although Fareeda’s both sisters are living happy life yet they shows their worries about Fareeda. Once again the makeover of the Shakeela is done fabulously by keeping the time factor into the mind.

Fareeda’s sister in-law Aqeela is now thinking that “Fareeda is becoming out of control”. I think she is forget all about that Fareeda did & is doing  not only for Aqeela, her kids, her mother & her brother Shaukat. How he can do this Fareeda? I must say these people can ever change their habits of criticizing others instead of examining themselves & their attitudes.

When Fareeda reached on a party then Rida Anmol is also spotted on the same party & she is searching work for herself. Rida Anmol request from Fareeda that “I want to perform in a drama as a strong lady so can you please help me for getting this role”. I was good to see that Rida Anmol is begging before Fareeda because in the past she behaves very badly with Fareeda. So, this is the review of the 22nd episode of the digest writer. Overall, it was a good episode. Let see what happened into the next one?

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