Review of Digest Writer Episode 7

| November 18, 2014

Digest Writer Review of Episode 7

I know you are very much inquisitive in order to get a review on episode 7. I must say it’s really interesting. No doubt that it is totally a different story plus in each episode we saw short scenes but full of twists. The writer & director of this drama both are playing their cards very well & at perfect timings. The theme of drama is very realistic which depicts the journey of writers & hurdles of their way. New developments are occurring in this drama on a right rate. Let’s have a review of the 7th episode of Digest writer.

In this episode, finally the Fareeda is facing a situation about which she never thinks even in her dreams. At first side her own relatives such as her Phopho is saying that “Arey ek drama kiya likh liya dimaag asmaan pr ponch gaya us ka”.  On the other side Rida Anmol is playing a very bad game with her (Fareeda). After writing a story for a drama, she is still unpopular in the showbiz industry.

We also know that it was only the potential of Fareeda’s story which makes this drama a hit one. It all is happening only because of Rida Anmol because she is trying to show that she is the writer of this story. This disheartens a lot to Fareeda.

Phopho is again trying to say bitter things about Fareeda like “Fareeda itni jhoti ho gi aesy hi mashoor kr diya k TV pr mera drama a raha hy”. On the other hands the college friends of Fareeda’s are very much surprised to see such a bad act of Rida Anmol as one of Fareeda’s friend said “Delyri to dekho in ki Rida Anmol ny apny ap ko writer bana dala”.

Shaukat is a very rare character of this drama till now because he is trying his best in order to win the heart of Fareeda but Fareeda has told him lots of times that she is not interested in him but still he is trying to persist. Shaukat shows his innocent concern about Fareeda which amuse the viewers a lot plus he is continuously trying to give a right explanation for his mistakes. He is also trying to console & cheer-up Fareeda in her hard times.

Sheryar is one who is very much concerned about this new writer Fareeda. He knows very well how much she is talented. Fareeda is also very much excited by meeting such a great star. She makes an ID but posed as she is very much busy.

Let see what things are now left to unfold about these two people, Fareeda & Sheryar. So, it was the review of the 7th episode of the Digest writer. The preview of the next episode gives us some hint about the Rida Anmol. She again tries to hire Fareeda as writer for her new Drama serial. Let see what reaction will come towards Fareeda’s side? Furthermore, there are some scenes about the mystery man who send a pen to Fareeda.

Let’s wait for next episode & then I will write a review on the next episode. Till then take care of yourself & keeping visiting this site for the latest reviews.

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