Review of Digest Writer Episode 8

| November 24, 2014

Digest Writer Episode 8 Story

No doubt that each episode of this drama is full of surprises. Everything is mingles very well that gives it a perfection. I enjoyed watching this episode a lot. Although it was a bit slower episode but still it is full of new twists. No doubt that Fareeda is a determined, confident & strong girl. She is intelligent & skillful in writing stories & scripts. But, she is facing lots problems in her life such as poverty, lack of resources, less income & lots of wishes. Let’s have a review of episode 8.

This episode was all about disappointments of Fareeda. At one side after telling a big lie, Rida Anmol is enjoying the success & glory. Rida reveals in a talk show that she is the writer this famous drama “Khawab & Jugnu”. Fareeda is very disappointed after listening Rida’s talks on TV. Fareeda’s sister Shakeela is encouraging her very well.

Fareeda try to make a call to the Ume-Maryam (I think she is the MD of the channel on which the drama is aired).  Fareeda told her that she is the real writer of the drama “Khawab & Jugnu” & Rida Anmol is telling lie. But Ume-Maryam disappoints her by saying that “it’s not our matter you should talk from Rida Anmol”.

Fareeda was more disappointed when she read in digest that “Khawab or Jugnu ki writer Raske-Hina nahi bulky Rida Anmol hy or pechly shumary me ghalti sy Rask-e-Hina ka nam shaya ho Gaya tha”. She feels that now “Bint-e-Hawa” (the editor of digest) is also becoming materialistic & published wrong piece of news in the digest. Fareeda calls her & said her that she promised with her that she will publish is digest that the real writer of this story is Rash-e-Hina not Rida Anmol.

But Bint-e-Hawa replied that Rida calls me & tell me that that it is her story because she makes lots of changes in it. The attitude of Bint-e-Hawa is totally changed now towards Fareeda. It’s the peak time for Rida Anmol but we are hoping best that a time will must come when Fareeda is on the peak & Rida Anmol will cry.

I like the story because a little down fall of Fareeda is also shown very beautifully. I saw that the owner of channel is thinking to hire Rida Anmol as writer for a new drama because the ratings of “Khawab & Jugnu” are going very high. Now Rida Anmol Calls to Fareeda & offer her to write a new drama for her but this time she will give more & advance money o Fareeda. Let see whether Fareeda will agree or not?

On the other hand the in-laws of Jameela told to her parents they want to marry in two months. The parents of Fareeda are worried how they can manage this ceremony in such a short time. The father of Fareeda is talking to take a loan from office.

But a lady come from the side of in-laws of Jameela & announces that now they want to marry only in one week because the fiancé of Jameela find out a good job in Saudi Arab. I think Jameela will accept the offer of Rida Anmol once again due to the financial problems which are occurring into the marriage of Jameela.

Sheryar is trying to increase friendship with Fareeda by calling her again & again. Fareeda is showing as she is very busy in her life & no time for attending calls & messaging but she is happy from inside because such a handsome person want to become her friend. Sheryar is thinking to marry with Fareeda.

On the other hand Fareeda is thinking that ‘Sheryar usy aik imeer ghar ki larki smjhta hy jo hawai jahaz me safar krti hy lekin wo tu aik aam sy mohly ki larki hy jis ny khabi train ka safar bi nahi kiya”. Sheryar is sending gifts to Fareeda. This time he sends chocolates to Fareeda. Fareeda’s sisters & brother are thinking that one of Fareeda’s fan (may be a girl) is sending all these gifts to her.

Shaukat’s sister Najma got engaged. Shaukat is trying his best to impress Fareeda. He calls to Fareeda & wish her “Happy Birthday”. Fareeda is happy from inside because he remember her Birthday but she never shows her happiness. Every character is admirable because they are doing their jobs very well. Let see where this drama will take us as well as Fareeda & her family.

2 Digest writer episode 8 (5)

1 Digest writer episode 8 (4)

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