Review of Digest Writer Episode21

| February 24, 2015

Digest writer 21 Episode-A Great Change

This episode is all about new developments. After facing lots of problems & after hard times now Fareeda has achieved the success that she actually want. Now, she has become a very popular & successful writer. She is living in a big, furnished, well decorated & stylish home with her in-laws. Although apparently Fareeda looked quite well-established yet actually she is not happy & content because Shaukat is still insincere with her.

No doubt that Shaukat is a typical male who is bigoted & narrow-minded. I think Shaukat must examine himself by thinking that he never do anything for Fareeda for which he is respected by her instead of it he always hurt her, use her & her money so why Fareeda talk to him respectably? I like the authoritative personality of Fareeda towards her In-laws because in the past Fareeda was the only girl who was authorized by her in-laws.

Now, Fareeda talk to every member of her in-law with ostentatiously. She is justified for her behavior because in the past she has faced a lot. Now, when she is providing all the luxury of life to her in-laws (the same in-laws who behaved very rudely with her in the past) then I think she should never bear mocking & sardonic behavior of her in-laws. On the other hand Fareeda’s in-laws have understood the fact that losing Fareeda means losing all the luxuries of life. So, they are behaving very sweetly.

I like the interview of the Fareeda into a morning Show. It shows how much she is now popularized. She has become a celebrity. I like the new & mesmerizing look to Fareeda. Her dressing, her hairstyle, he make-over & her personality has changed totally. Yes when one person becomes a celebrity then his/her look changed similarly way as the look of Fareeda. The look of other characters such as Fareeda’s mother in-law, her sister in-law & her husband also changed.

Let’s move towards, Fareeda’s parents, sisters & Brother. Yes In this episode we find out the Farhan (the brother of Fareeda) has become a doctor. Although Farhan has become financially strong yet he is very thankful for Fareeda because it is only Fareeda who support him during his studies by providing him the fees, fares & all other things that he needed during his studies. Farhan can never forget all those efforts of her sister that she made for her brother. Fareeda’s mother & father are seemed quite content & happy in this episode. Their looks have also changed. Now, they are living a happy because their son has become financially independent.

Surraiya, the daughter of Fareeda, has also grown up. It seems as Fareeda never forget the love of Seheryaar.  It seems as Fareeda can live a happy life with Seheryaar instead of with Shaukat. I like this episode that throw light on the journey of Fareeda’s life as a successful writer. This is a review of the 21st episode of Digest Writer. Share your thoughts about this episode with us!

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