Review of Episode 11 of “Firaaq”

| November 18, 2014

Firaaq Episode 11

The story of Firaaq is moving ahead but at a very slow rate. At one side, the things are going to settle down while on the other side things are scattering. Let’s have a review of the 11th episode.

In this episode the great thing which happens is the reunion of Sara with Shams. Finally, the couple takes a right decision for their happy life. It also makes me happy. The Shams point of view about having a child is also a good sign for the fine life of this couple. What about Tabaasum & Haider? Yes these two lovely characters of this drama were looking very nice when dancing with each other. But now it’s enough, I think the story should move on with some new turns & twists.

We saw Sara wears the dress of her mother-in-law (the dress of her mother-in-law’s wedding) & looks very pretty in it. It shows that the family members such as Sara, Shams, Haider & Tabaasum are unionizing. They are actually accepting the existence of each other. They are thinking positively about each other. Many things are going to settle down among these four characters.

Now let’s have a review of Roomi, Imroze & Paiman. In this episode we also come to know that there is no shocking past of Imroze. Imroze is basically showing a depressed & insecure person.  I think the character of Imroze is not described well by the director.

I surprise to know the thoughts of Imroze when he said Roomi that he has decided to left his wife so that she can move ahead in her life. Imroze thinks that he is not important for Paiman. I think how a man can take such a great & sacrifice able decision even when he is tackling with a disease & near to die. On the other hand, Paiman is thinking that Imroze never likes or loves her.

We are also observing a fact that from the time when Imroze & Paiman marry with each other, they are not living a happy life. I am expecting that may be the Imroze’s character not seen in drama in the next episode because he is withdrawing himself from the lives of Paiman & Roomi.

Roomi is really a very cute, lovely & sweet character.  He is again trying to settle down the lives of people (Paiman & Imroze). He is questioning from Imroze why he is doing this? He is also trying to tell Imroze that it is really very unfair with Paiman. But he is not telling the decision of Imroze to Paiman. It is the review of the 11th episode of Firaaq. Let see where the story of will leads the characters SUCH AS Paiman, Imroze & Roomi?

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