Review of Episode 12 of Drama Goya

| February 4, 2015

Review of Goya Episode 12

Mohini & her mother Asma are trying their best in order to pay money for Umer’s treatment but Mohini is thinking that she is becoming a burden on her mother because her mother has already spends all the savings on Umer’s hospital expenses plus they sold out their car & now Asma is thinking to sell her apartment so that they can take Umer out of country for further treatments. Mohini thinks it’s enough now that’s why she decided to go at Senior Hashmi’s home so that she can ask for help.

Mohini go at Senior Hashmi home & asked him for Umer’s treatment but Senior Hashmi Said that “I will ready for Umer’s treatment only if you will get out from his life”. Rahat Hashmi said Mohini to sign Divorce paper but Mohini effuse by saying that “I promise you that I will never come back in his life again”. She further said that “Me Umer ki zindagi k bdly aj ap ki zindagi bakhshti hon or ap ko maaf krti hon. Me apni zindagi ka sub sy bara souda kr rahi hon”.

So, finally, Senior Hashmi did that he actually wants by using his power. He successes in order to bring Umer back at home. Let see now what will be the reaction of Umer after coming into his senses. I think Senior Hashmi will try to hostile Umer from Mohini by telling lots of lies about her. Let see how much he fill poison in Umer against Mohini?

No doubt, that Noomi is a true friend of Mohini. He tries his best in order to arrange money so that he can help Mohini in order to take Umer abroad for further treatment but Mohini refuse from his help by saying that “now there is no need for it because I already take a decision to leave Umer”. This is really very shocking news for Noomi as well as for Asma but they Support the decision of Mohini. After taking this decision now, Asma & Mohini are planning to shift to another city.

They decided to shift at Sharfu Nana (the role is played by the Qazi Wajid). On insisting, Mohini told to Noomi that we are going with Sharfu Nana. Mohini said to Noomi “it’s a secret so don’t tell it to anyone”. Sharfu Nana also supports the decision of Asma & Mohini without speaking any single word. He is also a polite & gentle man with jolly nature same like Asma & Mohini.

Haniya is also very much upset from the prevailing circumstances. She expresses her grief about Umer’s condition & Senior Hashmi’s victory before Mohini. Zeb-un-Nisa was also there & she thinks that “it is not the victory of Senior Hashmi but in actual it is the defeat of Senior Hashmi”.

When Zeb-un-Nisa was busy into the Pedi-cure of Haniya then it seems as she or her family shares a past with Senior Hashmi. Zeb-un-Nisa is not any kind of hurry to reveal the past stories. Haniya is also in suspense about the connection of Senior Hashmi & Zeb-un-Nisa. Let see when will this story comes out from the Pandora box. This is a review of the Goys episode 12th from my side. What’s from your side? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this drama!

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