Review of Episode 14 of Digest Writer

| January 7, 2015

Story of Digest writer episode 14

Drama is now moving on a slow pace. Our predictions about Fareeda’s life are proving right. Nothing special happens in this episode instead of married life difficulties that are usually faced by the talented middle class girls. Finally, all viewers get to know that Shaukat is not a perfect match of Fareeda. Before marriage he has done lots of promises with Fareeda but after marriage he is showing an irrelevant & typical husband behavior. He never likes Fareeda’s writings for digest & TV.

He wants a girl who will live under his control. No doubt that, Shaukat is nothing more than a typical husband. He never knows that writing is a task that is very important for Fareeda. He talks very bitterly with Fareeda & stops her from further writing. I am thinking that Shaukat is also thinking himself inferior then Fareeda that’s why he stops her from writing. I think when a man starts to afraid from a woman (or from her activity) then he stops her by implying every possible barriers. Whenever Fareeda wants to talk with Shaukat about his dressing style & fashion sense then Shaukat behaves like a person who only think about his likes & dislikes & never cares about others.

Every person wants to engage Fareeda into Household chores. She is trying her best in order to fulfill her household responsibilities still her in laws are not satisfied. There no well wisher of Fareeda in her in-laws except her father in law. Najma, Appa & Shaukat, all of them always tries to taunt Fareeda on her God Gifted Talent.

Finally, Fareeda’s family is also regretting on their decision. Fareeda’s father Anwar is very upset from the prevailing situation. He is in shock because he can never think that his own Appa can behave like this with his daughter. Before marriage it was only Appa who again & again come at Anwar’s home & talk very sweetly about the marriage of Fareeda with Shaukat. Fareeda’s mother is also regretting on this wrong decision. Both Anwar & his wife are thinking that they have taken a hasty decision.

Another drama that is written by Fareeda proves a big hit on TV. I think now Ayyan Junaid wants to Hire Fareeda for another Script but Fareeda will refuse due to the barriers which are implied by her in-laws. Finally, Mazher Hayat got a job of in charge at a famous channel. Now everyone in the showbiz industry is trying to talk vey sweetly with Mazher Hayat so that they can approve their scripts from him. Rida Anmol & Sikaandar are also trying to use him by talking sweetly. Mazher is also person who has wisdom; he is also a writer, so I think he can easily observe the changing behviours of the people.

Overall, it was a good episode. Waiting for the next one. Stay Blessed & keep on reading drama reviews.

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