Review of Episode 2 of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye

| November 1, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 2

The second episode begins with the very affectionate scene of Shafaq with her mother. Shafaq is on bed & her mother is asking from her what happened with you & why you lose your consciousness at wedding? Shafaq only replies that she felt headache. Her mother tries to give her some medicine that Shafaq never like to take. Shafaq’s mother is very caring & affectionate towards her daughter. She shows her concerns about Shafaq’s health.

Let’s now talk about Saira & Saqib. Saira reached at Saqib’s home with her little brother. Her brother was looking very cute in black color glasses. Saira shows her feeling about such a big home. Furthermore, Saira shows her feelings about Love & wealth before Saqib. According Saira money is more important. On the other hand, Saqib shows his feelings before Saira & tell her how much she is important for him & he loved her.

Saira’s aunt is also very affectionate with her. She is a loving & caring woman. Saqib’s mother has good relations with her son. Son & mother both live like friends. Saira’s aunt gives her a suit so that she can wear it on her sister wedding.

In the upcoming scenes we saw that Saqib’s father Faiq is planning about the future of his son Saqib. He want that his son will marry with one of his friend’s daughter. He will never like that her son will marry with a girl whose mother had already married with a man of his own choice without the permission of her father. Let see what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Whether Saira will change her materialistic point of view about love & wealth or not? Whether it is love triangle story or not (Saqib, Saira & Shafaq)? What will be the reaction of Faiq the father of Saqib when Saqib shows his emotions about Saira? For finding the answers of all these questions you should need to visit this site regularly & then get latest updates about your favorite dramas. Stay with us!

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 2

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