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| December 27, 2014

Episode 12 of Sadqay Tumhare:

This episode is full of with lot of interesting scenes. I must say that that 12th episode if full of fun as well as lovely meeting of Shanno & Khalil.

Khalil once again take a decision to into the village of Shanno so that he can meet with her. Khalil’ mother is very much worried from this decision that’s why she said to the Doctor Maqsood “you should go with Khalil”. But Doctor said that “due to my test I cannot go with him”.

Rasheeda the mother of Shanno go to a “Peer Saab” & asks from him about black Magic. When Peer Saab comes to know all the story then he give her a “Taweez” & said to her “keep it into your mouth & drink milk”. Rasheeda said that “I want to separate Shanno & Khalil then why you are giving this Taweez to me I need a taweez for them”. Peer Saab said that “The boy (whom your girl likes) is a good person then why you want to separate him from your girl (it like as bibi taweez ki zarorat ap ko hy unhen nahi).

Finally, Khalil reached in village & knock at the door then Shanno’s sister asks from her mother “whether I open the door or not?” Rasheeda replies “khol do warna laatmar kr tor dy ga”.  She said to Khalil that you should never come here daily. Khalil Said that “I will asks from her (Shanno) if she allow me then I will come here after one day gay” but when Khalil ask from Shanno then she never allow him.

Shanno & Khalil both makes a plan to meet at Shanno’s friend home (the mehendi function of Shanno’s best friend brother is going on held at night). Rasheeda talks very bitterly from Khalil & show her anger on his repetitive meetings with Shanno. On this Khalil breaks some Crockery & then he also pay amount of it (it is the style of our hero), he left the home & go away (according to plan he has to stay with Molvi Saab & then reach at the place where Shanno will go at night on mehendi function).

On mehendi function when Shanno was singing a song then A new person (it is basically a new entry in drama) enter in the room & asks from girls that “who is singing the song?”. One of Shanno’s friend reply “ap ki ye wali behn”. Let see what contribution will be made by this new character. Whether he will increase the hurdles in the love story of Shanno & Khalil or will become helper?

Sadqay Tumhare episode 12

Sadqay Tumhare episode 12 (1)

Sadqay Tumhare episode 12 (2)

Sadqay Tumhare episode 12 (3)

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