Review of Firaaq Episode 15, Hum TV Drama, Cast Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Hira, Adnan Jaffer etc

| December 16, 2014

Firaaq Episode 15, A Great Disaster

No doubt this episode unfolds lots of twists with short scenes but I think this episode is nothing than a disaster. I don’t know what’s happen with the director & writer? The drama is totally going away from its track. I miss the characters of Haider, Roomi, Shams & his Wife. In lots of previous episode, there were lots of scenes that make sure that Imroze is seriously ill & is soon going to die but in this episode Imroze reveals that he is never seriously ill.

He only tells a lie with Paiman. He also takes Paiman with himself so that he can tell her about his Pakistani wife. No doubt, that Paiman is very much shocked when finds out all these details about Imroze. Many things were very mind boggling in this episode.

On the other hand the Pakistani wife (Hareem) of Imroze is also very much shocked when Imroze told her that the girl who came with me is actually my wife. I like the straightforwardness of Imroze. Finally, he decided to be straight with both wives Hareem & Paiman.

Ahmed is feeling that Hamza (his son) is not feeling well with Hareem & Imroze (because he is showing bad results in tests & continuously absent mind in the class room). That’s why Ahmed decided to keep his son with him. He talked bitterly with Imroze & Hareem & takes his son with him. Hareem sacrifices only for Imroze.

Furthermore, we come to know that Hareem was the Ex-wife of Imroze. She leaves Imroze & Marry with Ahmed & when she sick from Ahmed then she takes divorce from Ahmed & re-marry with Imroze. Hareem is also the cousin of Imroze (his Khala’s daughter). Imroze was take care by his Khala in his childhood. Before death Khala said to Imroze “Look after my daughter (Hareem)”.

So, when Hareem calls to Imroze & said to him that “now I don’t want to live with Ahmed” then Imroze left Paiman because according to Imroze’s point of view Paiman never loves him (by telling a lie that I am ill & near to die he left Paiman) & come back to Pakistan so that he can re-marry with his ex-wife & cousin Hareem. But now Imroze is very much surprised to see Paiman in Pakistan. He is also starting to believe that Paiman truly loves him that’s why she come Pakistan.

Now Paiman is very much angry & never want to meet with Imroze. Paiman also told each & everything about Imroze to Sham’s when he calls her sister in order to tell her about his newly born “son”. On the other hand, Hareem is also annoyed from Imroze because she left her son only because of Imroze. So, overall, we can say that in this episode there were lots of complicated things. I think, it’s the time to wrap up this drama because viewers are getting fed up from it. What’s your opinion?

Firaaq episode 15

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