Review of Firaaq Episode 8

| October 30, 2014

Firaaq Episode 8

In this episode we saw that the newly married couple Paiman & Amroze both is living a typical life. In the previous episodes we saw that Paiman left her Maa jee’s home only because she wants freedom & then she left her brothers home because her brother wants to conquer her life. But now after marriage whether she is independent & living a life full of freedom? If by wearing new & bright color clothes plus by applying bright color lipsticks on lips she is feeling freedom then I think that’s not good because all these things she can do on her brother’s home also. She is living a typical life at Amroze’s home by cleaning home, cooking food & watching TV Shows.

On the other hand the brother of Paiman never inquires about her sister as well as about her wife within these two months. In the starting episode we saw that he brings her sister Paiman from the Maa Jee’s home at his home because he take care her sister very much & wants to protect her sister from his mother’s “seetaamz”. But now what happened with him that he totally forget her sister? A brother who loves his sister very much then how it is possible for him to forget the sister only because she marriage a person whom she likes when he himself married with a girl whom he likes. We also saw that after a long period of time Shams asked from his friend Roomi about Paiman & Sara.  He is also taking interest in getting inquest of his late father.

In this episode another thing which astonishes me is the disease of Amroze which may be diagnosed soon. Then what will be the reaction of her wife Paiman. We also observe the element of “Shuk” which is developing in Amroze. Amroze also thinks to say a thank you to his friend Roomi. What happened with the story? What will be the role of Roomi? Where is Sara? What will be the past of Paiman & Shams’s father? Whether Maa Jee understand the feelings of Haider? Whether Paiman brings a change in her personality or not? Al these & lots of other questions are arising in the minds of viewers. You just need to wait for the upcoming episode. I hope that these all will be full of twists & truns.

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Firaaq Episode 8

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