Review of Goya Episode 15

| February 24, 2015

ARY Drama Goya-Review of Episode 15

Goya episode 15 tells us about Umer & his effort in order to search Mohini. Umer is still finding Mohini. Mohini is seemed quite depressed & physically weak due to such great loses that she has faced into her life. Mohini switch on her mobile so that she can call to Noomi but Noomi’s mobile is going off.

At the same time Umer dials the Number of Mohini. Mohini received the call hurriedly (she thinks that Noomi is calling to her) but on the other side Umer is speaking & he said to Mohini don’t drop my call please listen to me. Umer told to Mohini that he is searching her a lot plus he never believes on the stories of Senior Hashmi that he made about her. He further said that please tell me where you are, I will be there soon etc but after listening to Umer, Mohini never speak a single word & switch off the mobile.

This is a big surprise for Umer because Mohini never speaks a single word. Now it seemed as Umer is becoming suspicious & doubtful about Mohini’s sudden disappearance. Umer reveals his suspicious thoughts about Mohini in his discussion with Zara. He said to Zara “may be Mohini take a big amount of Money from Senior Hashmi & then left me alone” but Zara said that “don’t think like this because Mohini is not such sort of Girl”.

On the other hand, Mohini is quite happy after knowing that Umer is now well & thinking about her. Mohini’s mother Asma once again try to say that Mohini you should told everything to Umer but Mohini once again refuse from doing this because Senior Hashmi threat her by saying that “the day when she will come back in Umer life, this day will be the last for his son into this world”. Mohini loves Umer a lot & she cannot afford to lose him for eternally that’s why she is hiding herself from Umer on the order to Senior Hashmi.

Zara’s parents & Umer’s fathers, both families are trying to marry Umer & Zara with each other as soon as possible but Umer is not ready to marry her because he is already married with Mohini & now searching her on the other hand Zara is also not ready to marry with Umer because she loves Adnan a lot. Zara missed Adnan a lot & Umer missed Mohini a lot. Both Zara & Umer are providing emotional support to Each other. May be this emotional support leads them to take decision to marry with each other because Mohini is beyond from Umer & Adnan has passed away.  Well, it’s only a guess from my side. Let’s see what will happen.

Umer & Zara both are trying to find Mohini by following various people who belong from Mohini. Umer finds out that Noomi has left his job & disappear somewhere. Now, Umer is trying to find the person who follows him continuously in the past. Man who followed him at the time of accident.

Asma has started the job into the office. The head of the office is seemed quite jolly by nature as Asma is. Asma request from the head that “I will be very thankful for you if you will hide the fact from Senior Hashmi that I am be working into your office”. The head replied that “I am not sure about this because lots of people already knows you that you was an employee into Senior Hashmi’s office but I will try my best”. When Mohini said to her mother that “I also want to work because I don’t like to sit idle at home” then Asma said that “there is no need to work” but Mohini is eager to work. According to Mohini when she will start working then she will be engage into the work physically as well as mentally.

Zaib (the new Bengali governance of the home) is trying her best in order to convince Umer that you should obey your father because this is the only way to win the confidence & trust of your father that he lose in Bangladesh.  Furthermore, she told to Umer “why his father gives too much importance to money”. Zaib told to Umer that Senior Hashmi lost his complete family into Bangladesh, only some money was saved by him. By using this Money Senior Hashmi reached in Pakistan. By using this remaining money Senior Hashmi achieved all this. That’s why he believes on money more than any human being.

Haniya is still trying to hide her pregnancy news from Senior Hashmi but in this episode it seemed as Senior Hashmi is doubting on Haniya that’s why Senior Hashmi try to take Haniya to the family doctor for check up. Let see when this fact will be exposed. This is the review of the Goya Drama episode 15. Waiting for the next episode! Stay blessed!

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