Review of Goya Episode 3

| December 1, 2014

Goya 3rd Episode Review

Ary Drama “Goya” is just a totally new & thrilling story. Umer is living a life in which he is not just than an obedient person for his father. He only says “yes” on every order of his father. On the other hand Mohini is a carefree girl & has a friendly relation with her mother Asma. From the surface, Umer is a boy who has everything but in actual he has nothing. In his discussion with Mohini he reveals that “Mujhy bachpen sy aik kutay ki tarha treat kiya gya hy just like a trained dog”. On this statement of Umer Mohini laughed again & again. Umer enjoys the company of Mohini. He is showing his different side of personality before Mohini.

Another interesting twist comes in the story when Umer is sitting in the office & watches TV. He find out about a bomb blast where Mohini is repotting for her channel. She is missing from this place. He immediately becomes very much tensed. He leaves the office & goes toward Asma (the mother of Mohini). He told her about the Bomb Blast where Mohini go for reporting. He brings Asma at her home. Umer is very much panic from this bomb blast & worried about Mohini. Calls are coming from his office again & again. Now, once again, Umer receives a call from office & a message from his father to come back home soon. But Umer said them that “I stuck in traffic Jam”.

Finally Umer finds out Mohini & brings her at home. I enjoy their discussion, which they had in car. Mohini is worried about her lovely car & she also said to Umer “Why you take me in too much fancy hospital”. She further said to him that “I think you want to impress me that’s why you take me there” but Umer replied “No, I take you there because I only knew about this hospital”. I like the way Umer shows his care & love for Mohini. I like his worry about Mohini when he calls her but Asma receives the call & said him that Mohini is sleeping. Then he immediately calls back & said that may be Mohini forget her medicine into his car but Asma replied “Mohini has already taken her medicine”.

Umer reveals his feeling about Mohini during his discussion before his best friend Ali. Ume want to choose Mohini as his life partner but afraid not from Undertaker (Umer’s father nick name given by him & his friend) but awe from Mohini’s independent & ambitious nature. These are features of Mohini’s personality but lack in Umer’s personality. Ali discourages him on such kind of strange & quirky thinking.

Once again Umer sneaks his lunch from office & goes at Mohini’s home for a lunch with her. Finally, Mohini & Umer both understand the feeling of each other without expressing a single word. But Mohini stops Umer. Mohini said to Umer that our relationship only makes his life more complicated. No doubt that Mohini offend Umer but Umer controls himself & shows no expression on his face except this saying “A good dinner with Zara will compensate for this spoilt lunch” & then he go away.

Senior Hashmi (Rahat Hashmi) & Saleem Saab both are fixing the marriage of their son & daughter respectively. When Saleem Saab asked about Umer then Hashmi Replied “he is stuck in Traffic Jam due to bomb Blast don’t worry he is save”. I surprised a lot when Saleem Saab said that “I want to transfer my all property on the name of Umer before Marriage”.

Although he gave an explanation about it that my son is mentally slow that’s why I want to transfer my property on the name of Umer but Why Umer? I think Zara (his daughter) is a young & well-educated girl who can also run the business of his father. What are the intentions of Saleem Saab behind this transfer of property other than his son’s illness?

When Umer comes to know that his father fixed his marriage with Zara then he is surprised a lot but says no single word before his father. Umer saw that “Zara is standing in the garden & smoking a cigarette”. Zara discuss about the venue of their upcoming marriage. Umer is totally uninterested in this discussion & left the company of Zara soon.

Asma cautions he daughter that she should stay away from Hashmi son. No doubt that Mohini is a wise & smart girl. She understands the positive intentions of her mother & that’s why she stops Umer. She understands the class difference between herself & Umer very well. So this is the review of Goya Episode 3 from my side. What’s your now? What are your thoughts about this new & amazing drama? It is a very amusing & thrilling story.

Goya Episode 3

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